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Capital Projects
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Capital Projects

RTA Capital Program
This link will take you to the RTA's current RTA Capital Program of projects. By state statute, the RTA Capital Program consists of projects programmed to be undertaken by the CTA, Metra, and Pace for the current five year period and is adopted by the RTA Board annually. For all projects in the program, funding information is provided for each of the five years as well as the description and location of the project. It is important to note that the projects that appear here are a combination of projects that either 1) have begun implementation but need additional funding to continue, 2) have funding secured but may not have begun implementation, or 3) are programmed but funding may have not be secured.
This link displays a PDF file summary of the anticipated funding sources by both service board and the RTA for the five year capital program. The funding sources include Federal, State, RTA, Service Board/Local, and Debt Service.
This link allows a user to search for a project(s) in the 2019-2023 Capital Program based on project title, agency, and program asset category or for a specific asset. Note, the projects identified in the 2019-2023 Capital Program do not provide a comprehensive list of all CTA, Metra, Pace and RTA projects, but rather the search results from this link will yield only projects programmed in the 2019-2023 Capital Program.
This link provides a definition of commonly used terminology found in the Capital Program.
Project Management Oversight (PMO)
This link provides information on projects that are part of the RTA's PMO program. It includes detailed implementation information for projects funded with state funding or with budgets over $10 million. Implementation information includes the project description, overall status of the project, project funding and impacted political jurisdictions. Note, the list of projects is a subset of the projects in the Capital Program that are supported with state funds or with budgets over $10 million.

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