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Route Garage(s) Type Owl Service
1 Bronzeville/Union Station accessible77th St GarageSupportNo
2 Hyde Park Express accessible77th St GarageSupportNo
3 King Drive accessible77th St GarageSupportNo
4 Cottage Grove accessible77th St GarageKeyYes
5 South Shore Night Bus accessible103rd St GarageSupportYes
6 Jackson Park Express accessible103rd St GarageSupportNo
7 Harrison accessibleKedzie GarageSupportNo
8 Halsted accessible77th St GarageKeyNo
8A South Halsted accessible77th St GarageKeyNo
9 Ashland accessible74th St GarageKeyYes
X9 Ashland Express accessible74th St GarageKeyYes
10 Museum Of Science & Industry accessibleKedzie GarageSpecialNo
11 Lincoln accessibleNorth Park GarageSupportNo
12 Roosevelt accessibleKedzie GarageKeyNo
15 Jeffery Local accessible103rd St GarageSupportNo
18 16th/18th accessibleKedzie GarageSupportNo
19 United Center Express accessibleChicago Garage, Kedzie GarageSpecialNo
20 Madison accessibleChicago GarageKeyYes
21 Cermak accessibleKedzie GarageKeyNo
22 Clark accessibleNorth Park GarageKeyYes
24 Wentworth accessible77th St GarageSupportNo
26 South Shore Express accessible103rd St GarageSupportNo
28 Stony Island accessible103rd St GarageKeyNo
29 State accessible103rd St GarageKeyNo
30 South Chicago accessible103rd St GarageSupportNo
31 31st accessible77th St GarageSupportNo
34 South Michigan accessible103rd St GarageKeyYes
35 35th accessibleKedzie GarageKeyNo
36 Broadway accessibleNorth Park GarageSupportNo
37 Sedgwick accessibleChicago GarageSupportNo
39 Pershing accessibleKedzie GarageSupportNo
43 43rd accessible77th St GarageSupportNo
44 Wallace/Racine accessible74th St GarageSupportNo
47 47th accessible74th St GarageKeyNo
48 South Damen accessible74th St GarageSupportNo
49 Western accessible74th St Garage, North Park GarageKeyYes
49B North Western accessibleNorth Park GarageKeyNo
X49 Western Express accessible74th St Garage, North Park GarageKeyYes
50 Damen accessibleNorth Park GarageSupportNo
51 51st accessible77th St GarageSupportNo
52 Kedzie/California accessibleKedzie GarageKeyNo
52A South Kedzie accessible77th St GarageSupportNo
53 Pulaski accessibleChicago GarageKeyYes
53A South Pulaski accessible77th St GarageKeyNo
54 Cicero accessibleChicago GarageKeyNo
54A North Cicero/Skokie Blvd accessibleForest Glen GarageSupportNo
54B South Cicero accessibleChicago GarageKeyNo
55 Garfield accessible74th St GarageKeyYes
55A 55th/Austin accessible74th St GarageSupportNo
55N 55th/Narragansett accessible74th St GarageSupportNo
56 Milwaukee accessibleForest Glen GarageSupportNo
57 Laramie accessibleChicago GarageSupportNo
59 59th/61st accessible74th St GarageSupportNo
60 Blue Island/26th accessibleKedzie GarageKeyYes
62 Archer accessible74th St GarageKeyYes
62H Archer/Harlem accessible74th St GarageSupportNo
63 63rd accessible74th St GarageKeyYes
63W West 63rd accessible74th St GarageSupportNo
65 Grand accessibleChicago GarageSupportNo
66 Chicago accessibleChicago GarageKeyYes
67 67th/69th/71st accessible74th St GarageKeyNo
68 Northwest Highway accessibleForest Glen GarageSupportNo
70 Division accessibleChicago GarageSupportNo
71 71st/South Shore accessible103rd St GarageKeyNo
72 North accessibleChicago GarageKeyNo
73 Armitage accessibleChicago GarageSupportNo
74 Fullerton accessibleChicago GarageKeyNo
75 74th/75th accessible74th St GarageSupportNo
76 Diversey accessibleChicago GarageSupportNo
77 Belmont accessibleForest Glen GarageKeyYes
78 Montrose accessibleForest Glen GarageSupportNo
79 79th accessible77th St GarageKeyYes
80 Irving Park accessibleForest Glen GarageKeyNo
81 Lawrence accessibleForest Glen GarageKeyYes
81W West Lawrence accessibleForest Glen GarageSupportNo
82 Kimball/Homan accessibleKedzie GarageKeyNo
84 Peterson accessibleForest Glen GarageKeyNo
85 Central accessibleForest Glen GarageKeyNo
85A North Central accessibleForest Glen GarageSupportNo
86 Narragansett/Ridgeland accessibleForest Glen GarageSupportNo
87 87th Street accessible77th St GarageKeyYes
88 Higgins accessibleForest Glen GarageSupportNo
90 Harlem accessibleForest Glen GarageKeyNo
91 Austin accessibleForest Glen GarageKeyNo
92 Foster accessibleForest Glen GarageSupportNo
93 California/Dodge accessibleNorth Park GarageSupportNo
94 South California accessible74th St GarageSupportNo
95 95th accessible103rd St GarageKeyNo
96 Lunt accessibleNorth Park GarageSupportNo
97 Skokie accessibleNorth Park GarageSupportNo
X98 Avon Express accessibleForest Glen GarageSupportNo
100 Jeffery Manor Express accessible103rd St GarageSupportNo
103 West 103rd accessible103rd St GarageSupportNo
106 East 103rd accessible103rd St GarageSupportNo
108 Halsted/95th accessible103rd St GarageSupportNo
111 111th/King Drive accessible103rd St GarageSupportNo
111A Pullman Shuttle accessible103rd St GarageSpecialNo
112 Vincennes/111th accessible103rd St GarageSupportNo
115 Pullman/115th accessible103rd St GarageSupportNo
119 Michigan/119th accessible103rd St GarageKeyNo
120 Ogilvie/Streeterville Express accessibleChicago Garage, Kedzie GarageSupportNo
121 Union/Streeterville Express accessibleChicago Garage, Kedzie GarageSupportNo
124 Navy Pier accessibleKedzie GarageSupportNo
125 Water Tower Express accessibleChicago Garage, Kedzie GarageSupportNo
126 Jackson accessibleKedzie GarageSupportNo
128 Soldier Field Express accessible103rd St GarageSpecialNo
130 Museum Campus accessibleKedzie GarageSpecialNo
134 Stockton/Lasalle Express accessibleKedzie GarageSupportNo
135 Clarendon/Lasalle Express accessibleNorth Park GarageSupportNo
136 Sheridan/Lasalle Express accessibleNorth Park GarageSupportNo
143 Stockton/Michigan Express accessibleKedzie GarageSupportNo
146 Inner Drive/Michigan Express accessibleNorth Park GarageSupportNo
147 Outer Drive Express accessibleNorth Park GarageSupportNo
148 Clarendon/Michigan Express accessibleNorth Park GarageSupportNo
151 Sheridan accessibleNorth Park Garage, Kedzie GarageKeyYes
152 Addison accessibleForest Glen GarageSupportNo
155 Devon accessibleNorth Park GarageKeyNo
156 Lasalle accessibleKedzie GarageSupportNo
157 Streeterville/Taylor accessibleKedzie GarageSupportNo
165 West 65th accessible74th St GarageSupportNo
169 69th/Ups Express accessible103rd St GarageSupportNo
171 U Of C - Hyde Park accessible103rd St GarageSupportNo
172 U Of C - Kenwood accessible103rd St GarageSupportNo
192 U Of Chicago Hospitals Express accessible103rd St GarageSupportNo
201 Central/Ridge accessibleNorth Park GarageSupportYes
206 Evanston Circulator accessibleForest Glen GarageSupportNo
J14 Jeffery Jump accessible103rd St GarageKeyNo

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