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Name Use Location
54th St YardRail Yard2150 S. 54th Ave., Cicero
61st St YardRail Yard329 E. 61st St., Chicago
98th St YardRail Yard9800 S. State St., Chicago
Des Plaines YardRail Yard711 W. Des Plaines Ave., Forest Park
Harlem YardRail Yard1 S. Harlem Ave., Forest Park
Howard YardRail Yard1825 W. Juneway Terrace, Chicago
Kimball YardRail Yard3365 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago
Linden YardRail YardLinden Ave. & 4th St., Wilmette
Midway YardRail Yard5601 S. Kilpatrick Ave., Chicago
Racine YardRail Yard6320 S. Racine Ave., Chicago
Rosemont YardRail Yard5700 N. River Rd., Rosemont
103rd St GarageBus Garage10201 W. Stony Island Ave., Chicago
74th St GarageBus Garage1715-1907 W. 74th St., Chicago
77th St GarageBus Garage210 W. 79th St., Chicago
Chicago GarageBus Garage4301 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago
Forest Glen GarageBus Garage5419 W. Armstrong Ave., Chicago
Kedzie GarageBus Garage358/414-26 S. Kedzie Ave., Chicago
North Park GarageBus Garage3112 W. Foster Ave., Chicago
63rd St. WarehouseWarehouse313 E. 63rd St., Chicago
Division WarehouseWarehouse901 W. Division St., Chicago
Vincennes WarehouseWarehouse7801 S. Vincennes Ave., Chicago
Bus and Rail Training FacilityTraining Facility3100-3125 S. Federal St., Chicago
61st St. Storage YardMaintenance Storage Yard329 E. 61st St., Chicago
63rd St. Storage YardMaintenance Storage Yard210 E. 63rd St., Chicago
Lake St. Storage Yard (West Shops)Maintenance Storage Yard3920 W. Lake St., Chicago
Beverly Garage Maint. ShopMaintenance Shop1343-1345 W. 103rd St., Chicago
Cermak Maintenance ShopMaintenance Shop5210 W. Cermak Rd., Cicero
Clifton Maintenance ShopMaintenance Shop4401 N. Clifton Ave., Chicago
Dearborn Maintenance ShopMaintenance Shop2001 S. Dearborn St., Chicago
Harding Maintenance Shop (West Shops)Maintenance Shop264 N. Harding Ave., Chicago
Institute Pl. Maintenance ShopMaintenance Shop311 W. Institute Pl., Chicago
Maypole Maintenance Shop (West Shops)Maintenance Shop3900 W. Maypole Ave., Chicago
Montrose Maintenance ShopMaintenance Shop1036 W. Montrose Ave., Chicago
Newport Maintenance ShopMaintenance Shop1044 W. Newport Ave., Chicago
School Maintenance ShopMaintenance Shop6405 W. School St., Chicago
Wilson Maintenance ShopMaintenance Shop1117 W. Wilson Ave., Chicago
103rd/Stony Island TurnaroundBus Turnaround103rd/Stony Island, Chicago
103rd/Vincennes TurnaroundBus Turnaround103rd/Vincennes, SW, Chicago
111th/Harding TurnaroundBus Turnaround111th/Harding, SW, Chicago
115th/Cottage Grove TurnaroundBus Turnaround115th/Cottage Grove, NE, Chicago
115th/Springfield TurnaroundBus Turnaround115th/Springfield, NE, Chicago
132nd/Evans TurnaroundBus Turnaround132nd/Evans, Chicago
16th St./47th Ct. TurnaroundBus Turnaround16th St./47th Ct., SW, Cicero
31st/Komensky TurnaroundBus Turnaround31st/Komensky, SW, Chicago
47th/Lake Park Ave. TurnaroundBus Turnaround47th and Lake Park Ave., Chicago
55th/St. Louis TurnaroundBus Turnaround55th/St. Louis, NW, Chicago
59th/Kilpatrick TurnaroundBus Turnaround59th/Kilpatrick, Chicago
63rd/Archer TurnaroundBus Turnaround63rd/Archer, SE, Chicago
67th/Oglesby TurnaroundBus Turnaround67th/Oglesby, NE, Chicago
69th/Dan Ryan TurnaroundBus Turnaround69th/Dan Ryan, S, Chicago
74th/Damen TurnaroundBus Turnaround74th/Damen, NW, Chicago
74th/Kostner TurnaroundBus Turnaround74th/Kostner, Chicago
75th/Lake Front TurnaroundBus Turnaround75th/Lake Front (2900 E), Chicago
76th/Central TurnaroundBus Turnaround76th/Central, Chicago
76th/Kostner TurnaroundBus Turnaround76th/Kostner (Ford City Mall), Chicago
79th/Lake Front TurnaroundBus Turnaround79th/Lake Front (3300 E), Chicago
79th/Perry TurnaroundBus Turnaround79th/Perry, NW, Chicago
87th east of Western TurnaroundBus Turnaround87th east of Western, S, Chicago
87th/Cicero TurnaroundBus Turnaround87th/Cicero, SE, Chicago
95th/Dan Ryan TurnaroundBus Turnaround95th/Dan Ryan, N, Chicago
95th/St. Lawrence TurnaroundBus Turnaround95th/St. Lawrence, SE, Chicago
Addison/Pontiac TurnaroundBus TurnaroundAddison/Pontiac, SW, Chicago
Archer/35th TurnaroundBus TurnaroundArcher/35th, Chicago
Archer/Neva TurnaroundBus TurnaroundArcher/Neva, NE, Chicago
Ashland/63rd TurnaroundBus TurnaroundAshland south of 63rd, E, Chicago
Ashland/95th TurnaroundBus TurnaroundAshland south of 95th, W, Chicago
Ashland/Archer TurnaroundBus TurnaroundAshland/Archer, Chicago
Avenue O/118th St. TurnaroundBus TurnaroundAvenue O/118th St., Chicago
Belmont/Cumberland TurnaroundBus TurnaroundBelmont/Cumberland, SE, Chicago
Belmont/Halsted TurnaroundBus TurnaroundBelmont/Halsted, NE, Chicago
Belmont/Kimball TurnaroundBus TurnaroundBelmont/Kimball, SE, Chicago
Belmont/Octavia TurnaroundBus TurnaroundBelmont/Octavia, SE, Chicago
Brandon/Brainard TurnaroundBus TurnaroundBrandon/Brainard, Chicago
Caldwell/Central TurnaroundBus TurnaroundCaldwell/Central, SW, Chicago
Canal/Clinton TurnaroundBus TurnaroundCanal/Clinton, Chicago
Cermak/54th Ave. TurnaroundBus TurnaroundCermak/54th Ave., NW, Chicago
Cermak/Clark TurnaroundBus TurnaroundCermak/Clark, NW, Chicago
Cermak/North Riverside TurnaroundBus TurnaroundCermak/North Riverside (7500 W), North Riverside
Chicago/Austin TurnaroundBus TurnaroundChicago/Austin, NE, Chicago
Cicero south of Archer TurnaroundBus TurnaroundCicero south of Archer, W, Chicago
Cicero/24th Pl. TurnaroundBus TurnaroundCicero/24th Pl., SW, Chicago
Cicero/Pensacola TurnaroundBus TurnaroundCicero/Pensacola, NW, Chicago
Clark/Arthur TurnaroundBus TurnaroundClark/Arthur, SE, Chicago
Congress/Financial Pl TurnaroundBus TurnaroundCongress/Financial Pl, Chicago
Cumberland/O'Hare Ext. TurnaroundBus TurnaroundCumberland/O'Hare Ext., Chicago
Damen/87th TurnaroundBus TurnaroundDamen/87th, NW, Chicago
Delphia/Catalpa TurnaroundBus TurnaroundDelphia/Catalpa, W, Chicago
Dempster/Bronx TurnaroundBus TurnaroundDempster west of Bronx, S, Skokie
Des Plaines/Congress TurnaroundBus TurnaroundDes Plaines/Congress, NW, Chicago
Des Plaines/Harrison TurnaroundBus TurnaroundDes Plaines/Harrison, NW, Chicago
Devon/Kedzie TurnaroundBus TurnaroundDevon/Kedzie, NW, Chicago
Diversey/Neva TurnaroundBus TurnaroundDiversey/Neva, NW, Chicago
Division/Austin TurnaroundBus TurnaroundDivision/Austin, SE, Chicago
Fairbanks/Ontario TurnaroundBus TurnaroundFairbanks/Ontario, NE, Chicago
Fullerton Ave. & Cannon Dr. TurnaroundBus TurnaroundN of Fullerton/Cannon, Chicago
Grand/Latrobe TurnaroundBus TurnaroundGrand/Latrobe, NE, Chicago
Grand/Navy Pier TurnaroundBus TurnaroundGrand/Navy Pier, Chicago
Grand/Nordica TurnaroundBus TurnaroundGrand/Nordica, NE, Chicago
Halsted/79th TurnaroundBus TurnaroundHalsted south of 79th, E, Chicago
Halsted/Archer TurnaroundBus TurnaroundHalsted/Archer, Chicago
Halsted/Waveland TurnaroundBus TurnaroundHalsted north of Waveland, E, Chicago
Harlem south of 64th TurnaroundBus TurnaroundHarlem south of 64th, W, Chicago
Harlem/O'Hare Ext. TurnaroundBus TurnaroundHarlem/O'Hare Ext., Chicago
Harrison/Central TurnaroundBus TurnaroundHarrison/Central, SW, Chicago
Howard/Hermitage TurnaroundBus TurnaroundHoward/Hermitage, SE, Chicago
Howard/McCormick TurnaroundBus TurnaroundHoward/McCormick, SE, Chicago
Irving Park/Cumberland TurnaroundBus TurnaroundIrving Park/Cumberland, NW, Chicago
Irving Park/Kedvale TurnaroundBus TurnaroundIrving Park/Kedvale, NE, Chicago
Jackson/Austin TurnaroundBus TurnaroundJackson/Austin, SE, Chicago
Kedzie/36th TurnaroundBus TurnaroundKedzie/36th, Chicago
Kedzie/49th TurnaroundBus TurnaroundKedzie/49th, Chicago
Kedzie/63rd Pl. TurnaroundBus TurnaroundKedzie/63rd Pl., NW, Chicago
Kedzie/Milwaukee TurnaroundBus TurnaroundKedzie/Milwaukee, NW, Chicago
La Salle Drive & Lake Shore DriveBus TurnaroundLa Salle Drive & Lake Shore Drive, Chicago
Madison/Austin TurnaroundBus TurnaroundMadison/Austin, NE, Chicago
Milwaukee/Gale TurnaroundBus TurnaroundMilwaukee/Gale, NW, Chicago
Milwaukee/Imlay TurnaroundBus TurnaroundMilwaukee/Imlay, NE, Chicago
Montrose/Narragansett TurnaroundBus TurnaroundMontrose/Narragansett, SW, Chicago
Narragansett/63rd TurnaroundBus TurnaroundNarragansett/63rd, SW, Chicago
North/Clark TurnaroundBus TurnaroundNorth/Clark, NE, Chicago
North/Narragansett TurnaroundBus TurnaroundNorth/Narragansett, NE, Chicago
Old Orchard Rd. TurnaroundBus Turnaround5600 W. Old Orchard Rd., Skokie
Pulaski/100th TurnaroundBus TurnaroundPulaski/100th, NE, Chicago
Pulaski/104th TurnaroundBus TurnaroundPulaski/104th, NE, Chicago
Pulaski/49th TurnaroundBus TurnaroundPulaski/49th, Chicago
Pulaski/81st TurnaroundBus TurnaroundPulaski/81st, E, Chicago
Pulaski/CullertonBus TurnaroundPulaski/Cullerton, Chicago
Pulaski/Peterson TurnaroundBus TurnaroundPulaski/Peterson, SE, Chicago
Racine/87th TurnaroundBus TurnaroundRacine, north of 87th, E, Chicago
Randolph/Harbor Point Dr. TurnaroundBus TurnaroundRandolph/Harbor Point Dr., Chicago
River Rd/O'Hare Ext. TurnaroundBus TurnaroundRiver Rd/O'Hare Ext., Rosemont
Skokie Blvd/Old Orchard Rd TurnaroundBus TurnaroundSkokie Blvd/Old Orchard Rd, Skokie
Torrence/112th TurnaroundBus TurnaroundTorrence/112th, SW, Chicago
Touhy/McCormick TurnaroundBus TurnaroundTouhy/McCormick, Skokie
Touhy/Overhill TurnaroundBus TurnaroundTouhy/Overhill, SE, Chicago
Western/119th TurnaroundBus TurnaroundWestern/119th, NE, Chicago
Western/49th TurnaroundBus TurnaroundWestern/49th, Chicago
Western/79th TurnaroundBus TurnaroundWestern north of 79th, E, Chicago
Western/Berwyn TurnaroundBus TurnaroundWestern north of Berwyn, W, Chicago
Western/Birchwood TurnaroundBus TurnaroundWestern north of Birchwood, E, Chicago
Western/Leland TurnaroundBus TurnaroundWestern/Leland, SE, Chicago
Wilson/Ravenswood TurnaroundBus TurnaroundWilson/Ravenswood, NW, Chicago
Woodlawn/100th TurnaroundBus TurnaroundWoodlawn/100th, NE, Chicago
120 RacineOffice120 N Racine Av, Chicago
567 W. Lake St.Office567 W. Lake St., Chicago
Skokie ShopsRail Vehicle Heavy Maintenance Facility3701 W. Oakton St., Skokie
South ShopsBus Vehicle Heavy Maintenance Facility210 W. 79th St., Chicago

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