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Station Name Address Lines Parking Capacity
18th accessible1710 W. 18th StreetPink0
35-Bronzeville-IIT accessible16 E. 35th StreetGreen0
35th/Archer accessible3528 S. Leavitt StreetOrange69
43rd accessible314 E. 43rd StreetGreen0
47th-Dan Ryan accessible220 W. 47th StreetRed0
47th-South Elevated accessible314 E. 47th StreetGreen0
51st accessible314 E. 51st StreetGreen0
54th/Cermak accessible1234 S. 54th AvenuePink175
63rd-Dan Ryan accessible220 W. 63rd StreetRed0
69th accessible15 W. 69th StreetRed0
79th accessible15 W. 79th StreetRed0
87th accessible15 W. 87th StreetRed0
95th/Dan Ryan accessible15 W. 95th StreetRed0
Adams/Wabash201-23 S. Wabash AvenueBrown, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink0
Addison-North Main accessible940 W. Addison StreetRed0
Addison-O'Hare accessible3622 W. Addison StreetBlue0
Addison-Ravenswood accessible1818-20 W. Addison StreetBrown0
Argyle1118 W. Argyle StreetRed0
Armitage accessible944-46 W. Armitage AvenueBrown, Purple0
Ashland-Lake accessible1601 W. Lake StreetGreen, Pink0
Ashland-Midway accessible3011 S. Ashland AvenueOrange0
Ashland/63rd accessible6315 S. Ashland AvenueGreen235
Austin-Congress1050 S. Austin AvenueBlue0
Austin-Lake351 N. Austin AvenueGreen0
Belmont-North Main accessible945-949 W. Belmont AvenueBrown, Purple, Red0
Belmont-O'Hare3355 W. Belmont AvenueBlue0
Berwyn1121 W. Berwyn AvenueRed0
Bryn Mawr1119 W. Bryn Mawr AvenueRed0
California-Douglas accessible2011 S. California AvenuePink0
California-Lake accessible2800 W. Lake StreetGreen0
California/Milwaukee2211 N. California AvenueBlue0
Central Park accessible1915 S. Central Park AvenuePink0
Central-Evanston1022 W. Central AvenuePurple0
Central-Lake accessible350 N. Central AvenueGreen0
Cermak - McCormick accessible12 E. Cermak RoadGreen0
Cermak-Chinatown accessible138 W. Cermak RoadRed0
Chicago/Franklin accessible300-02 W. Chicago AvenueBrown, Purple0
Chicago/Milwaukee800 N. Milwaukee AvenueBlue0
Chicago/State accessible800 N. State StreetRed0
Cicero-Congress720 S. Cicero AvenueBlue0
Cicero-Douglas accessible2133 W. 48th AvenuePink0
Cicero-Lake accessible4800 W. Lake StreetGreen0
Clark/Division accessible1200 N. Clark StreetRed0
Clark/Lake accessible100 W. Lake StreetBlue, Brown, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink0
Clinton-Congress426 S. Clinton StreetBlue0
Clinton-Lake accessible540 W. Lake StreetGreen, Pink0
Conservatory accessible3631 W. Lake StreetGreen0
Cottage Grove accessible800 E. 63rd StreetGreen0
Cumberland accessible5800 N. Cumberland AvenueBlue1633
Damen accessible2009 S. Hoyne AvenuePink0
Damen-Ravenswood accessible4643-47 N. Damen AvenueBrown0
Damen/Milwaukee1588 N. Damen AvenueBlue0
Davis accessible1612 N. Benson AvenuePurple0
Dempster1316 N. Sherman AvenuePurple0
Dempster - Skokie accessible5001 W. Dempster StreetYellow441
Diversey accessible940-44 W. Diversey AvenueBrown, Purple0
Division/Milwaukee1200 N. Milwaukee AvenueBlue0
Forest Park accessible711 S. Des Plaines AvenueBlue1051
Foster900 W. Foster StreetPurple0
Francisco accessible4848 N. Francisco AvenueBrown0
Fullerton accessible943-47 W. Fullerton AvenueBrown, Purple, Red0
Garfield-Dan Ryan accessible220 W. Garfield BoulevardRed0
Garfield-South Elevated accessible319 E. Garfield BoulevardGreen117
Grand/Milwaukee502 N. Milwaukee AvenueBlue0
Grand/State accessible521 N. State StreetRed0
Granville accessible1119 W. Granville AvenueRed0
Halsted-Midway accessible2520 S. Archer AvenueOrange31
Halsted/63rd accessible6321-25 S. Halsted StreetGreen0
Harlem-Congress701 S. Harlem AvenueBlue0
Harlem-Lake accessible1 S. Harlem AvenueGreen0
Harlem-O'Hare accessible5550 N. Harlem AvenueBlue53
Harold Washington Library - State/VanBuren accessible26 W. Van Buren StreetBrown, Orange, Purple, Pink0
Harrison608 S. State StreetRed0
Howard accessible1649 W. Howard StreetPurple, Red, Yellow592
Illinois Medical District accessible430 S. Damen AvenueBlue0
Indiana accessible4003 S. Indiana AvenueGreen0
Irving Park-O'Hare4131W. Irving Park RoadBlue0
Irving Park-Ravenswood accessible1816-18 W. Irving Park AvenueBrown0
Jackson/Dearborn accessible328 S. Dearborn StreetBlue0
Jackson/State accessible230 S. State StreetRed0
Jarvis1523-25 W. Jarvis StreetRed0
Jefferson Park accessible4917 N. Milwaukee AvenueBlue0
Kedzie-Douglas accessible1944 S. Kedzie AvenuePink0
Kedzie-Homan-Congress accessible530 S. Kedzie AvenueBlue0
Kedzie-Lake accessible3200 W. Lake StreetGreen0
Kedzie-Midway accessible4900 S. Kedzie AvenueOrange157
Kedzie-Ravenswood accessible4648 N. Kedzie AvenueBrown50
Kimball accessible4755-57 N. Kimball AvenueBrown73
King Drive accessible400 E. 63rd StreetGreen0
Kostner accessible2019 S. Kildare AvenuePink0
LaSalle150 W. Congress ParkwayBlue0
LaSalle/Van Buren121 W. Van Buren StreetBrown, Orange, Purple, Pink0
Lake/State accessible188 N. State StreetRed0
Laramie accessible5148 W. Lake StreetGreen0
Lawrence1117 W. Lawrence AvenueRed0
Linden accessible349 W. Linden AvenuePurple328
Logan Square accessible2620 N. Milwaukee AvenueBlue0
Loyola accessible1200-08 W. Loyola AvenueRed0
Main836 N. Chicago AvenuePurple0
Merchandise Mart accessible222 Merchandise Mart PlazaBrown, Purple0
Midway Airport accessible4612 W. 59th StreetOrange299
Monroe/Dearborn114 S. Dearborn StreetBlue0
Monroe/State26 S. State StreetRed0
Montrose-O'Hare4600 W. Montrose AvenueBlue0
Montrose-Ravenswood accessible1814-16 W. Montrose AvenueBrown0
Morgan accessible958 W Lake StreetGreen, Pink0
Morse1358 W. Morse AvenueRed0
North/Clybourn1599 N. Clybourn AvenueRed0
Noyes901 W. Noyes AvenuePurple0
O'Hare Airport accessible1000 O'Hare DriveBlue0
Oak Park-Congress950 S. Oak Park AvenueBlue0
Oak Park-Lake100 S. Oak Park AvenueGreen0
Oakton-Skokie accessible4800 Skokie Blvd.Yellow0
Paulina accessible3411 N. Paulina StreetBrown0
Polk accessible1713 W. Polk StreetPink0
Pulaski-Congress530 S. Pulaski RoadBlue0
Pulaski-Douglas accessible2005-21 S. Pulaski RoadPink0
Pulaski-Lake accessible4000 W. Lake StreetGreen0
Pulaski-Midway accessible5106 S. Pulaski RoadOrange390
Quincy/Wells220 S. Wells StreetBrown, Orange, Purple, Pink0
Racine430 S. Racine AvenueBlue0
Ridgeland36 S. Ridgeland AvenueGreen0
Rockwell accessible4648 N. Rockwell StreetBrown0
Roosevelt/State accessible1167 S. State StreetRed0
Roosevelt/Wabash accessible22 E. Roosevelt RoadGreen, Orange0
Rosemont accessible5801 N. River RoadBlue798
Sedgwick accessible1536-40 N. Sedgwick AvenueBrown, Purple0
Sheridan3940 N. Sheridan RoadRed0
South Boulevard601 W. South BoulevardPurple0
Southport accessible3411 N. Southport AvenueBrown0
Sox-35th-Dan Ryan accessible142 W. 35th StreetRed0
State/Lake200 N. State StreetBrown, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink0
Thorndale1118 W. Thorndale AvenueRed0
UIC-Halsted accessible430 Halsted StreetBlue0
Washington Red/Blue (FUTURE)Blue, Red0
Washington/Dearborn19 N. Dearborn StreetBlue0
Washington/Wabash accessible29 N. WabashBrown, Orange, Purple, Pink0
Washington/Wells accessible100 N. Wells StreetBrown, Orange, Purple, Pink0
Wellington accessible945 W. Wellington AvenueBrown, Purple0
Western-Congress430 S. Western AvenueBlue0
Western-Douglas accessible2009 S. Western AvenuePink0
Western-Midway accessible4901 S. Western AvenueOrange200
Western-Ravenswood accessible4645-49 N. Western AvenueBrown0
Western/Milwaukee accessible1909-11 N. Western AvenueBlue0
Wilson accessible4920 N. Broadway StreetRed0

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