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Transportation Terminology Glossary

The RTAMS Transportation Glossary contains over 3,000 transportation terms, along with their definitions and acronyms. It should be used as an aid to understanding common transportation terminology. This glossary and table of acronyms has been compiled by borrowing from various sources including: AASHTO, APTA, CATS, IDOT, RTA, and Pace. To simplify usage, terms are not segregated by the various modes of origin (aviation, highways, public transportation, railways and water transportation), but rather in alphabetical order. It should also be noted that where some of the modes utilize identical terms, their meaning may vary and in some cases, more than one definition is provided.

Questions, comments, corrections or additions should be directed to Ms. Fluturi Demirovski at 312/913-3239 or demirovskif@rtachicago.org.

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