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Illinois House Districts

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District Representative Population
2000 2010 Change
District 1Aaron Ortiz (D)115,865101,561-12%
District 2Theresa Mah (D)100,20591,849-8%
District 3Luis Arroyo (D)104,448101,435-3%
District 4Delia Ramirez (D)94,09792,536-2%
District 5Lamont Robinson (D)89,602102,436+14%
District 6Sonya M. Harper (D)104,70386,931-17%
District 7Emanuel Chris Welch (D)97,09997,427+0%
District 8La Shawn K. Ford (D)98,18194,072-4%
District 9Arthur Turner (D)86,434112,861+31%
District 10Jawaharial Williams (D)97,72295,447-2%
District 11Ann M. Williams (D)108,657108,125-0%
District 12Sara Feigenholtz (D)101,32599,579-2%
District 13Gregory Harris (D)97,52494,987-3%
District 14Kelly M. Cassidy (D)102,94993,160-10%
District 15John C. D'Amico (D)107,742104,676-3%
District 16Yehiel M. Kalish (D)107,328105,607-2%
District 17Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz (D)99,957108,911+9%
District 18Robyn Gabel (D)100,536103,308+3%
District 19Lindsey LaPointe (D)119,637104,460-13%
District 20Bradley Stephens (R)118,090105,228-11%
District 21Celina Villanueva (D)102,189106,993+5%
District 22Michael J. Madigan (D)104,653111,664+7%
District 23Michael J. Zalewski (D)101,580104,427+3%
District 24Elizabeth Hernandez (D)94,102104,433+11%
District 25Curtis Tarver (D)98,11791,147-7%
District 26Kambium Buckner (D)99,394114,220+15%
District 27Justin Slaughter (D)94,01697,634+4%
District 28Robert Rita (D)92,49493,237+1%
District 29Thaddeus Jones (D)94,36496,394+2%
District 30William Davis (D)98,11698,066-0%
District 31Mary E. Flowers (D)97,29298,298+1%
District 32Andre Thapedi (D)94,87993,008-2%
District 33Marcus C. Evans, Jr. (D)102,03293,407-8%
District 34Nicholas K Smith (D)94,05695,793+2%
District 35Frances Ann Hurley (D)98,045105,864+8%
District 36Kelly M. Burke (D)99,203103,284+4%
District 37Margo McDermed (R)105,355110,739+5%
District 38Debbie Meyers-Martin (D)143,412111,279-22%
District 39Will Guzzardi (D)99,96995,126-5%
District 40Jaime M. Andrade, Jr. (D)111,16292,752-17%
District 41Grant Wehrli (R)139,488102,941-26%
District 42Amy Grant (R)121,823106,361-13%
District 43Anna Moeller (D)115,152108,419-6%
District 44Fred Crespo (D)103,147113,164+10%
District 45Diane Pappas (D)102,997105,943+3%
District 46Deb Conroy (D)103,204107,630+4%
District 47Deanne M. Mazzochi (R)100,959102,695+2%
District 48Terra Costa Howard (D)100,590105,111+4%
District 49Karina Villa (D)113,264154,080+36%
District 50Keith R. Wheeler (R)133,769178,899+34%
District 51Mary Edly-Allen (D)117,283117,696+0%
District 52David McSweeney (R)136,574130,902-4%
District 53Mark Walker (D)105,512101,209-4%
District 54Thomas Morrison (R)101,112106,744+6%
District 55Martin J. Moylan (D)105,283113,841+8%
District 56Michelle Mussman (D)99,933102,327+2%
District 57Jonathan Carroll (D)101,857104,842+3%
District 58Bob Morgan (D)99,178101,562+2%
District 59Daniel Didech (D)107,836112,327+4%
District 60Rita Mayfield (D)105,214101,630-3%
District 61Joyce Mason (D)130,125120,629-7%
District 62Sam Yingling (D)120,875117,334-3%
District 63Steven Reick (R)123,333122,290-1%
District 64Tom Weber (R)147,983132,417-11%
District 65Dan Ugaste (R)139,006105,147-24%
District 66Allen Skillicorn (R)119,531104,069-13%
District 67Maurice West (D)94,843103,737+9%
District 68John M. Cabello (R)124,931117,743-6%
District 69Joe Sosnowski (R)109,408123,633+13%
District 70Jeff Keicher (R)110,180121,976+11%
District 71Tony McCombie (R)97,533104,867+8%
District 72Michael Halpin (D)96,940101,862+5%
District 73Ryan Spain (R)99,308117,527+18%
District 74Daniel Swanson (R)98,384100,949+3%
District 75David A. Welter (R)114,183125,585+10%
District 76Lance Yednock (D)98,019105,699+8%
District 77Kathleen Willis (D)103,685100,987-3%
District 78Camille Y. Lilly (D)100,378100,580+0%
District 79Lindsay Parkhurst (R)97,468115,123+18%
District 80Anthony DeLuca (D)99,184105,281+6%
District 81Anne Stava-Murray (D)100,238142,036+42%
District 82Jim Durkin (R)115,269108,906-6%
District 83Barbara Hernandez (D)189,388135,617-28%
District 84Stephanie A. Kifowit (D)122,842202,008+64%
District 85John Connor (D)105,985139,496+32%
District 86Lawrence Walsh, Jr. (D)102,215113,396+11%
District 87Tim Butler (R)100,256106,764+6%
District 88Keith P. Sommer (R)113,784118,626+4%
District 89Andrew Chesney (R)101,308106,266+5%
District 90Tom Demmer (R)102,577103,604+1%
District 91Michael D. Unes (R)98,611105,176+7%
District 92Jehan Gordon-Booth (D)92,50397,673+6%
District 93Norine K. Hammond (R)99,324103,943+5%
District 94Randy E. Frese (R)95,389100,005+5%
District 95Avery Bourne (R)93,906107,623+15%
District 96Sue Scherer (D)98,211123,458+26%
District 97Mark Batinick (R)99,859103,784+4%
District 98Natalie A. Manley (D)98,343103,277+5%
District 99Mike Murphy (R)100,882101,016+0%
District 100C.D. Davidsmeyer (R)104,647117,164+12%
District 101Dan Caulkins (R)94,951101,824+7%
District 102Brad Halbrook (R)99,388118,987+20%
District 103Carol Ammons (D)105,369114,337+9%
District 104Michael T. Marron (R)95,510105,087+10%
District 105Dan Brady (R)93,241109,839+18%
District 106Thomas M. Bennett (R)98,888116,687+18%
District 107Blaine Wilhour (R)98,394102,096+4%
District 108Charles Meier (R)98,052102,103+4%
District 109Darren Bailey (R)100,886103,405+2%
District 110Chris Miller (R)110,679110,024-1%
District 111Monica Bristow (D)91,733103,196+12%
District 112Katie Stuart (D)113,098119,652+6%
District 113Jay Hoffman (D)90,677104,465+15%
District 114LaToya Greenwood (D)79,909104,780+31%
District 115Terri Bryant (R)97,398105,561+8%
District 116Nathan Reitz (D)103,447110,789+7%
District 117Dave Severin (R)97,086110,775+14%
District 118Patrick Windhorst (R)99,04799,068+0%
Source: 2000 and 2010 U.S. Census Redistricting Data SF (PL 94-171)

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