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Illinois Senate Districts

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District Representative Population
2000 2010 Change
District 1Antonio Munoz (D)216,070193,410-10%
District 2Omar Aquino (D)198,545193,971-2%
District 3Mattie Hunter (D)194,305189,367-3%
District 4Kimberly A. Lightford (D)195,280191,499-2%
District 5Patricia Van Pelt (D)184,156208,308+13%
District 6John J. Cullerton (D)209,982207,704-1%
District 7Heather A. Steans (D)200,473188,147-6%
District 8Ram Villivalam (D)215,070210,283-2%
District 9Laura Fine (D)200,493212,219+6%
District 10Robert F. Martwick (D)237,727209,688-12%
District 11Martin A. Sandoval (D)206,842218,657+6%
District 12Steven M. Landek (D)195,682208,860+7%
District 13Robert Peters (D)197,511205,367+4%
District 14Emil Jones, III (D)186,510190,871+2%
District 15Napoleon Harris, III (D)192,480194,460+1%
District 16Jacqueline Y. Collins (D)192,171191,306-0%
District 17Elgie R. Sims, Jr. (D)196,088189,200-4%
District 18Bill Cunningham (D)197,248209,148+6%
District 19Michael E. Hastings (D)248,767222,018-11%
District 20Iris Y. Martinez (D)211,131187,878-11%
District 21Laura Ellman (D)261,311209,302-20%
District 22Cristina Castro (D)218,299221,583+2%
District 23Thomas Cullerton (D)206,201213,573+4%
District 24Suzy Glowiak (D)201,549207,806+3%
District 25Jim Oberweis (R)247,033332,979+35%
District 26Dan McConchie (R)253,863248,598-2%
District 27Ann Gillespie (D)206,624207,953+1%
District 28Laura M. Murphy (D)205,216216,168+5%
District 29Julie A. Morrison (D)201,035206,404+3%
District 30Terry Link (D)213,050213,957+0%
District 31Melinda Bush (D)250,994237,963-5%
District 32Craig Wilcox (R)271,316254,707-6%
District 33Donald P. DeWitte (R)258,537209,216-19%
District 34Steve Stadelman (D)219,774221,480+1%
District 35Dave Syverson (R)219,588245,609+12%
District 36Neil Anderson (R)194,473206,729+6%
District 37Chuck Weaver (R)197,692218,476+11%
District 38Sue Rezin (R)212,202231,284+9%
District 39Don Harmon (D)204,063201,567-1%
District 40Toi W. Hutchinson (D)196,652220,404+12%
District 41John F. Curran (R)215,507250,942+16%
District 42Linda Holmes (D)312,230337,625+8%
District 43Pat McGuire (D)208,200252,892+21%
District 44William E. Brady (R)214,040225,390+5%
District 45Brian Stewart (R)203,885209,870+3%
District 46Dave Koehler (D)191,114202,849+6%
District 47Jil Tracy (R)194,713203,948+5%
District 48Andy Manar (D)192,117231,081+20%
District 49Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (D)198,202207,061+4%
District 50Steve McClure (R)205,529218,180+6%
District 51Chapin Rose (R)194,339220,811+14%
District 52Scott M. Bennett (D)200,879219,424+9%
District 53Jason A. Barickman (R)192,129226,526+18%
District 54Jason Plummer (R)196,446204,199+4%
District 55Dale A. Righter (R)211,565213,429+1%
District 56Rachelle Crowe (D)204,831222,848+9%
District 57Christopher Belt (D)170,586209,245+23%
District 58Paul Schimpf (R)200,845216,350+8%
District 59Dale Fowler (R)196,133209,843+7%
Source: 2000 and 2010 U.S. Census Redistricting Data SF (PL 94-171)

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