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Illinois Senate District 3

Mattie Hunter (D)

Contact and Committee Information
Web Site:Illinois General Assembly page
Illinois House Districts
5 Lamont Robinson
6 Sonya M. Harper
Demographic Information
Population:189,367 (2010), -3% change from 2000
Source: 2000 and 2010 U.S. Census Redistricting Data SF (PL 94-171)
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Illinois House Districts:1 Aaron Ortiz, 12 Jonathan "Yoni" Pizer, 2 Theresa Mah, 26 Kambium Buckner, 32 Andre Thapedi, 33 Marcus C. Evans, Jr., 34 Nicholas K Smith, 5 Lamont Robinson, 6 Sonya M. Harper, 9 Arthur Turner
County Board Districts:Cook 11, Cook 12, Cook 2, Cook 3, Cook 4, Cook 7
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Councils of Mayors:Chicago


CTA Stations (39)
35-Bronzeville-IIT (Green) accessible
43rd (Green) accessible
47th-Dan Ryan (Red) accessible
47th-South Elevated (Green) accessible
51st (Green) accessible
63rd-Dan Ryan (Red) accessible
Adams/Wabash (Brown, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink)
Ashland/63rd (Green) accessible
Cermak - McCormick (Green) accessible
Chicago/Franklin (Brown, Purple) accessible
Chicago/State (Red) accessible
Clark/Division (Red) accessible
Clark/Lake (Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink) accessible
Clinton-Lake (Green, Pink) accessible
Cottage Grove (Green) accessible
Garfield-Dan Ryan (Red) accessible
Garfield-South Elevated (Green) accessible
Grand/State (Red) accessible
Halsted/63rd (Green) accessible
Harold Washington Library - State/VanBuren (Brown, Orange, Purple, Pink) accessible
Harrison (Red)
Indiana (Green) accessible
Jackson/Dearborn (Blue) accessible
Jackson/State (Red) accessible
King Drive (Green) accessible
LaSalle (Blue)
LaSalle/Van Buren (Brown, Orange, Purple, Pink)
Lake/State (Red) accessible
Merchandise Mart (Brown, Purple) accessible
Monroe/Dearborn (Blue)
Monroe/State (Red)
Quincy/Wells (Brown, Orange, Purple, Pink)
Roosevelt/State (Red) accessible
Roosevelt/Wabash (Green, Orange) accessible
Sox-35th-Dan Ryan (Red) accessible
State/Lake (Brown, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink)
Washington/Dearborn (Blue)
Washington/Wabash (Brown, Orange, Purple, Pink) accessible
Washington/Wells (Brown, Orange, Purple, Pink) accessible

Metra Stations (7)
35th Street / 'Lou' Jones / Bronzeville (RI-Main)
75th Street (Grand Crossing) (Elec-ML)
LaSalle Street (RI-Main) accessible
Millennium Station (So Shore, Elec-ML) accessible
Museum Campus / 11th St. (So Shore, Elec-ML)
Ogilvie Transportation Center (UP-W, UP-NW, UP-N) accessible
Van Buren Street (So Shore, Elec-ML) accessible

CTA Bus Routes (69)
1 Bronzeville/Union Station accessible
2 Hyde Park Express accessible
3 King Drive accessible
4 Cottage Grove accessible
5 South Shore Night Bus accessible
6 Jackson Park Express accessible
7 Harrison accessible
8 Halsted accessible
9 Ashland accessible
X9 Ashland Express accessible
10 Museum Of Science & Industry accessible
12 Roosevelt accessible
15 Jeffery Local accessible
18 16th/18th accessible
19 United Center Express accessible
20 Madison accessible
21 Cermak accessible
22 Clark accessible
24 Wentworth accessible
26 South Shore Express accessible
28 Stony Island accessible
29 State accessible
30 South Chicago accessible
31 31st accessible
35 35th accessible
36 Broadway accessible
37 Sedgwick accessible
39 Pershing accessible
43 43rd accessible
44 Wallace/Racine accessible
47 47th accessible
48 South Damen accessible
49 Western accessible
X49 Western Express accessible
51 51st accessible
52A South Kedzie accessible
55 Garfield accessible
56 Milwaukee accessible
59 59th/61st accessible
60 Blue Island/26th accessible
62 Archer accessible
63 63rd accessible
65 Grand accessible
66 Chicago accessible
67 67th/69th/71st accessible
70 Division accessible
71 71st/South Shore accessible
75 74th/75th accessible
79 79th accessible
94 South California accessible
120 Ogilvie/Streeterville Express accessible
121 Union/Streeterville Express accessible
124 Navy Pier accessible
125 Water Tower Express accessible
126 Jackson accessible
128 Soldier Field Express accessible
130 Museum Campus accessible
134 Stockton/Lasalle Express accessible
135 Clarendon/Lasalle Express accessible
136 Sheridan/Lasalle Express accessible
143 Stockton/Michigan Express accessible
146 Inner Drive/Michigan Express accessible
147 Outer Drive Express accessible
148 Clarendon/Michigan Express accessible
151 Sheridan accessible
156 Lasalle accessible
157 Streeterville/Taylor accessible
192 U Of Chicago Hospitals Express accessible
J14 Jeffery Jump accessible

Pace Bus Routes (11)
237 Schaumburg - Soldier Field Express accessible
768 Bolingbrook/Burr Ridge - Soldier Field Express accessible
769 Palos Heights/Oak lawn - Soldier Field Express accessible
773 Markham/Tinley Pk - Guaranteed Rate Field Express accessible
774 Palos Hts/Oak Lawn - Guaranteed Rate Field Express accessible
775 Bolingbrook/Burr Rdg - Guaranteed Rate Fld Express accessible
776 Hillside - Soldier Field Express accessible
779 Hillside - Wrigley Field Express accessible
850 North Bolingbrook-East Loop Express accessible
851 South Bolingbrook-East Loop Express accessible
855 Plainfield-East Loop Express accessible

CTA Rail Lines (7)
Blue Line
Brown Line
Green Line
Orange Line
Pink Line
Purple Line
Red Line

Metra Rail Lines (10)
Electric District
Milwaukee District North Line
Milwaukee District West Line
North Central Service
Rock Island District
South Shore Line
SouthWest Service
Union Pacific North Line
Union Pacific Northwest Line
Union Pacific West Line

CTA Facilities (10)
567 W. Lake St.
61st St Yard
61st St. Storage Yard
63rd St. Storage Yard
63rd St. Warehouse
Ashland/63rd Turnaround
Bus and Rail Training Facility
Congress/Financial Pl Turnaround
Dearborn Maintenance Shop
Racine Yard

Metra Facilities (2)
47th St. Yard (47th-51st)
Weldon Yard

Pace Facilities (0)

Pace Passenger Facilities (0)

Jurisdiction Area Map
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Land Use
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