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Route Service Provider Service Group Fare Group
100 Pulse Milwaukee Line accessibleNorthwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
186 East Lisle Service  accessibleWestmont FTCommuter LinksRegular
187 West Lisle Service accessibleWestmont FTCommuter LinksRegular
208 Golf Road accessibleNorthwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
209 Busse Highway accessibleNorthwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
210 Lincoln Avenue accessibleNorthwest Division Garage, North Shore Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
213 Green Bay Road accessibleNorth Shore Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
215 Crawford - Howard accessibleNorthwest Division Garage, North Shore Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
221 Wolf Road accessibleNorthwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
222 Allstate Arena Express accessibleExpress ServiceRegular
223 Elk Grove - Rosemont CTA Station accessibleNorthwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
225 Central - Howard accessibleNorthwest Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
226 Oakton Street accessibleNorthwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
230 South Des Plaines accessibleNorthwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
234 Wheeling - Des Plaines accessibleNorthwest Division GarageSuburban LinksRegular
237 Schaumburg - Soldier Field Express accessibleNorthwest Division GarageSeasonalPremium
240 Dee Road accessibleNorthwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
241 Greenwood - Talcott accessibleNorthwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
250 Dempster Street accessibleNorthwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
270 Milwaukee Avenue accessibleNorthwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
272 Milwaukee Avenue North accessibleNorthwest Division Garage, North Division GarageSuburban LinksRegular
282 Schaumburg - Wrigley Field Express accessibleNorthwest Division GarageSeasonalPremium
284 Schaumburg - Great America Gurnee Express accessibleNorthwest Division GarageSeasonalPremium
290 Touhy Avenue accessibleNorthwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
301 Roosevelt Road accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
302 Ogden - Stanley accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
303 Forest Park - Rosemont accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
305 East Roosevelt Road accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
307 Harlem accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
308 Medical Center accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
309 Lake Street accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
310 Madison Street - Hillside accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
311 Oak Park Avenue accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
313 St. Charles Road accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
314 Ridgeland Avenue accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
315 Austin Boulevard accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
316 Laramie Avenue accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
317 Westchester accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
318 West North Avenue accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
319 Grand Avenue accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
320 Madison Street accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
322 Cermak Road - 22nd Street accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
327 Industrial Drive accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
330 Mannheim - LaGrange Roads accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
331 Cumberland - 5th Avenue accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
332 River Road - York Road accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
348 Harvey - Riverdale - Blue Island accessibleSouth Division GarageIntra-communityRegular
349 South Western accessibleSouth Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
350 Sibley accessibleSouth Division GarageSuburban LinksRegular
352 Halsted accessibleSouth Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
353 95th - River Oaks - Homewood accessibleSouth Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
354 Harvey - Oak Forest Loop accessibleSouth Division GarageSuburban LinksRegular
355 Wentworth Limited accessibleSouth Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
356 Harvey - Homewood - Tinley Park accessibleSouth Division GarageSuburban LinksRegular
357 Lincoln Highway accessibleSouth Division GarageSuburban LinksRegular
358 Torrence accessibleSouth Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
359 Robbins / South Kedzie Avenue accessibleSouth Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
360 Harvey - Amazon Monee Express accessibleSouth Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
361 Harvey - Laraway Crossings Express accessibleSouth Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
364 159th Street accessibleSouth Division GarageSuburban LinksRegular
366 Park Forest - Chicago Heights accessibleSouth Division GarageSuburban LinksRegular
367 University Park accessibleSouth Division GarageSuburban LinksRegular
372 Dixie Highway accessibleSouth Division GarageSuburban LinksRegular
379 Midway - Orland Park accessibleWest Division Garage, Southwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
381 95th Street accessibleSouthwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
382 Central/Clearing accessibleSouthwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
383 South Cicero accessibleSouthwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
384 Narragansett - Ridgeland accessibleSouthwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
385 87th-111th-127th accessibleSouthwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
386 South Harlem accessibleSouthwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
387 Toyota Park accessibleSeasonalRegular
390 Midway CTA - UPS Hodgkins accessibleWest Division Garage, Southwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
392 Green Line Cicero CTA - UPS Hodgkins Limited accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
395 95th/Dan Ryan CTA - UPS Hodgkins Limited accessibleSouthwest Division Garage, South Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
410 East Niles Local accessibleVillage of NilesIntra-communityFree
411 West Niles Local accessibleVillage of NilesIntra-communityFree
412 North Niles Circulator accessibleVillage of NilesIntra-communityFree
421 Wilmette Avenue accessibleNorth Shore Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
422 Linden CTA/Glenview/Northbrook Court accessibleNorthwest Division Garage, North Shore Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
423 Linden CTA-The Glen-Harlem CTA accessibleNorthwest Division Garage, North Shore Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
461 North Downers Grove accessibleWestmont FTCommuter LinksRegular
462 Southwest Downers Grove accessibleWestmont FTCommuter LinksRegular
463 Southeast Downers Grove accessibleWestmont FTCommuter LinksRegular
465 Belmont Station-Esplanade Shuttle Bug accessibleWestmont FTCommuter LinksRegular
471 Highland Park-Northbrook Court accessibleHighland ParkSuburban LinksRegular
472 Highland Park - Highwood accessibleHighland ParkSuburban LinksRegular
475 Ravinia accessibleHighland ParkSeasonalFree
476 Ravinia accessibleSeasonalFree
501 West Jefferson accessibleHeritage Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
504 South Joliet accessibleHeritage Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
505 West Joliet Loop accessibleHeritage Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
507 Plainfield accessibleHeritage Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
508 East Joliet accessibleHeritage Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
509 Joliet - Fairmont accessibleHeritage Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
510 West Joliet On Demand accessibleJoliet FTOn DemandRegular
511 Joliet-Elwood-Centerpoint accessibleHeritage Division GarageCommuter LinksLocal/Feeder
512 Joliet - Centerpoint accessibleHeritage Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
524 West Aurora accessibleFox Valley Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
530 West Galena - Naperville accessibleFox Valley Division GarageSuburban LinksLocal/Feeder
533 Northeast Aurora accessibleFox Valley Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
534 Fox Valley Villages - Rt 59 accessibleFox Valley Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
540 Farnsworth Avenue accessibleFox Valley Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
541 Northeast Elgin accessibleRiver Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
542 Bluff City accessibleRiver Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
543 Dundee-Carpentersville accessibleRiver Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
546 Orange-Walnut accessibleRiver Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
547 Wing Park accessibleRiver Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
548 Highland accessibleRiver Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
549 South Randall accessibleRiver Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
550 Elgin Transportation Center - Crystal Lake accessibleRiver Division GarageSuburban LinksLocal/Feeder
552 North State - Spring Hill Mall accessibleRiver Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
554 Elgin - Woodfield accessibleRiver Division GarageSuburban LinksLocal/Feeder
559 Illinois Route 59 accessibleFox Valley Division GarageSuburban LinksRegular
561 Castlecrest via McAree accessibleNorth Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
562 Gurnee via Sunset accessibleNorth Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
563 Great Lakes Naval Station accessibleNorth Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
564 Jackson/14th accessibleNorth Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
565 Grand Avenue accessibleNorth Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
566 McAree-Keller accessibleNorth Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
568 Belvidere accessibleNorth Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
569 Lewis accessibleNorth Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
570 Fox Lake - CLC accessibleNorth Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
571 Zion accessibleNorth Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
572 Washington accessibleNorth Division GarageSuburban LinksLocal/Feeder
573 Green Bay Road accessibleNorth Division GarageIntra-communityLocal/Feeder
574 CLC - Hawthorn Mall accessibleNorth Division GarageIntra-communityRegular
590 Round Lake Area On Demand accessibleGrayslake FTOn DemandRegular
591 Wheaton - Winfield On Demand accessibleGlen Ellyn FTOn DemandRegular
592 St. Charles - Geneva On Demand accessibleRiver OnDemandOn DemandRegular
593 Vernon Hills - Mundelein On Demand accessibleGlen Ellyn FTOn DemandRegular
594 Arlington Heights - Rolling Meadows On Demand accessibleNiles MVOn DemandRegular
595 Tinley Park On Demand accessibleJoliet FTOn DemandRegular
596 Batavia On Demand accessibleRiver OnDemandOn DemandRegular
597 Southeast Aurora On Demand accessibleRiver OnDemandOn DemandRegular
598 Naperville Aurora On Demand accessibleBatavia MV OnDemandOn DemandRegular
599 Hoffman Estates On Demand accessibleRiver OnDemandOn DemandRegular
600 Rosemont - Schaumburg Express accessibleRiver Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
602 Higgins - Salem - Cedarcrest accessibleNiles MVOn DemandRegular
603 Elgin Transportation Center - Rosemont Express accessibleRiver Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
604 Wheeling - Schaumburg accessibleNorthwest Division GarageSuburban LinksRegular
605 I-90/Randall Rd. Station - Rosemont Express accessibleRiver Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
606 Rosemont - Schaumburg Limited accessibleRiver Division Garage, Northwest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
607 I-90/Randall Rd. - Schaumburg Express accessibleRiver Division GarageSuburban LinksRegular
608 Roselle - Schaumburg accessibleWest Division GarageSuburban LinksRegular
610 Rosemont - Prairie Stone Express accessibleRiver Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
611 North Schaumburg accessibleRiver Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
612 Barrington Rd. Circulator accessibleRiver Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
616 Rosemont - Itasca Limited accessibleRiver Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
619 Des Plaines Station - Willow Rd Corridor accessibleNorth Shore Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
620 Yellow Line Dempster - Allstate accessibleNorth Shore Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
623 Glen of N. Glenview Station - Willow Road Corridor accessibleNorth Shore Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
626 Skokie Valley Limited accessibleNorth Shore Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
627 Discover - Takeda Shuttle Bug accessibleNorth Shore Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
628 Shuttle Bug 8 accessibleHighland ParkCommuter LinksRegular
629 Shuttle Bug 9 accessibleHighland ParkCommuter LinksRegular
631 Shuttle Bug 1 accessibleNorth Shore Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
632 Shuttle Bug 2 accessibleNorth Shore Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
633 Shuttle Bug 3 accessibleNorth Shore Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
634 Shuttle Bug 4 accessibleNorth Shore Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
635 Lake Cook Shuttle Bug 5 accessibleNorth Shore Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
640 Braeside Station - Commercial Avenue Shuttle Bug accessibleNorth Shore Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
662 South Central Westmont accessibleMV RomeovilleCommuter LinksRegular
663 Darien-Clarendon Hills accessibleMV RomeovilleCommuter LinksRegular
664 Willowbrook-Clarendon Hills accessibleMV RomeovilleCommuter LinksRegular
665 Darien - Westmont accessibleMV RomeovilleCommuter LinksRegular
668 Burr Ridge-Hinsdale accessibleMV RomeovilleCommuter LinksRegular
669 Western Springs-Indian Head Park accessibleMV RomeovilleCommuter LinksRegular
672 95th St. Park-n-Ride - Rt. 59 Metra Direct accessibleNaperville FSCommuter LinksRegular
673 Community Christian Park-n-Ride - Rt. 59 Metra Dir accessibleNaperville FSCommuter LinksRegular
674 Southwest Lombard accessibleMV BataviaCommuter LinksRegular
675 Wheatland Salem Park-n-Ride - Rt. 59 Metra Direct accessibleNaperville FSCommuter LinksRegular
676 Warrenville-Naperville Metra accessibleFox Valley Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
677 Brighton Ridge - Naperville Metra accessibleNaperville FSCommuter LinksRegular
678 River Woods - Naperville Metra accessibleNaperville FSCommuter LinksRegular
680 Brookwood Trace - Naperville Metra accessibleNaperville FSCommuter LinksRegular
681 Lincoln Park - Naperville Metra accessibleNaperville FSCommuter LinksRegular
682 Brookdale - Naperville Metra accessibleNaperville FSCommuter LinksRegular
683 Ashbury - Naperville Metra accessibleNaperville FSCommuter LinksRegular
684 Winchester Place - Naperville Metra accessibleNaperville FSCommuter LinksRegular
685 Ivy Ridge-Naperville Metra accessibleFox Valley Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
687 Maplebrook East - Naperville Metra accessibleNaperville FSCommuter LinksRegular
689 Century Hill - Naperville Metra accessibleNaperville FSCommuter LinksRegular
694 Central Road-Mt.Prospect Station accessibleNorthwest Division GarageCommuter LinksRegular
696 Randhurst/Woodfield/Harper College accessibleNorthwest Division GarageSuburban LinksRegular
709 Carol Stream-North Wheaton accessibleMV BataviaCommuter LinksRegular
711 Wheaton-Addison accessibleMV BataviaSuburban LinksRegular
714 College of DuPage-Naperville-Wheaton Connector accessibleFox Valley Division GarageSuburban LinksRegular
715 Central DuPage accessibleMV BataviaSuburban LinksRegular
722 Ogden Avenue accessibleFox Valley Division GarageSuburban LinksRegular
754 Lewis University - CTA Blue Line Clinton Station Express accessibleHeritage Division GarageSuburban LinksFree
755 Plainfield - IMD - West Loop Express accessibleHeritage Division GarageSuburban LinksPremium
757 Oak Park - Schaumburg Limited accessibleWest Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
768 Bolingbrook/Burr Ridge - Soldier Field Express accessibleSouthwest Division GarageSeasonalPremium
769 Palos Heights/Oak lawn - Soldier Field Express accessibleSouthwest Division GarageSeasonalPremium
770 Brookfield Zoo accessibleSeasonalRegular
771 Brookfield Zoo accessibleSeasonalRegular
772 Brookfield Zoo accessibleSeasonalRegular
773 Markham/Tinley Pk - Guaranteed Rate Field Express accessibleSouth Division GarageSeasonalPremium
774 Palos Hts/Oak Lawn - Guaranteed Rate Field Express accessibleSouthwest Division GarageSeasonalPremium
775 Bolingbrook/Burr Rdg - Guaranteed Rate Fld Express accessibleSouthwest Division GarageSeasonalPremium
776 Hillside - Soldier Field Express accessibleWest Division GarageSeasonalPremium
778 Brookfield Zoo accessibleExpress ServiceRegular
779 Hillside - Wrigley Field Express accessibleWest Division GarageSeasonalPremium
801 Elgin-Geneva accessibleRiver Division GarageSuburban LinksLocal/Feeder
802 Aurora-Geneva via Lake accessibleFox Valley Division GarageSuburban LinksLocal/Feeder
803 Carpentersville Local accessibleRiver Division GarageSuburban LinksLocal/Feeder
806 Crystal Lake-Fox Lake accessibleMcHenry FTSuburban LinksRegular
807 Woodstock-McHenry accessibleMcHenry FTSuburban LinksRegular
808 Crystal Lake-Harvard accessibleMcHenry FTSuburban LinksRegular
811 Rosemont Entertainment Circulator accessibleMV NilesCTA ConnectorFree
820 University Heights - Hobson Creek - Lisle accessibleWestmont FTCommuter LinksRegular
821 IL 53/83rd St. - Belmont Metra accessibleWestmont FTCommuter LinksRegular
825 Central Bolingbrook-Lisle accessibleWestmont FTCommuter LinksRegular
826 South Lisle accessibleWestmont FTCommuter LinksRegular
827 Green Trails-Steeple Run accessibleWestmont FTCommuter LinksRegular
828 North Lisle accessibleWestmont FTCommuter LinksRegular
829 Lisle-Naperville Office Corridor accessibleWestmont FTCommuter LinksRegular
832 Joliet - Orland Square accessibleHeritage Division GarageSuburban LinksLocal/Feeder
834 Joliet-Downers Grove accessibleHeritage Division GarageSuburban LinksLocal/Feeder
850 North Bolingbrook-East Loop Express accessibleHeritage Division GarageSuburban LinksPremium
851 South Bolingbrook-East Loop Express accessibleHeritage Division GarageSuburban LinksPremium
855 Plainfield-East Loop Express accessibleHeritage Division Garage, Southwest Division GarageSuburban LinksPremium
877 Harvey - Downers Grove Limited accessibleSouth Division GarageSuburban LinksRegular
888 Homewood - Naperville Limited accessibleSouth Division GarageSuburban LinksRegular
890 Chicago Heights - UPS Hodgkins Limited accessibleSouth Division GarageCTA ConnectorRegular
895 95th St. - Rosemont - Schaumburg Express accessibleSouthwest Division GarageSuburban LinksRegular
905 Schaumburg Trolley accessibleGlen Ellyn FTIntra-communityFree

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