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Study Description

Through this project, the City of Lake Forest created a plan to develop and implement efficient and cost effective local transit service within the City of Lake Forest and the immediate adjacent office and commercial locations.

Program:Community Planning
Program Year:2007
Project Type(s):Transit Improvement Plan
Grantee:City of Lake Forest
Current Activities:The final report and recommendations were presented to the Lake Forest City Council in November 2010. In April 2011, the City convened a Task Force consisting of City staff, key stakeholders, area employers, and Metra, Pace and RTA staff to focus on the implementation of the recommended Dial-A-Ride service outlined in the study.

The City of Lake Forest continues to address transit related improvements on several fronts. For the UP-North Line Station, exterior building improvements, such as a new roof and lighting were completed in 2016. A dedicated bus staging area has also been constructed to designate a central location for all bus boardings and alightings at the station area and the Robert McClory bike path has been relocated to separate vehicular and bicycle movements. At the MD-North Line Station, engineering for a pedestrian tunnel is complete, but the City is currently seeking final construction funding. The City also continues to work with a variety of government agencies to pursue an Amtrak stop at this location.
Information Updated:May 2017
Study Documents
Lake Forest - Forest Green Transit Study Appendices (November, 2010)
Lake Forest - Forest Green Transit Study Final Summary Report (November, 2010)
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