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Study Description

The RTA coordinated with the Urban Land Institute (ULI) to bring in a panel of development experts to provide guidance and advice on ways the community can attract TOD investment in their Metra station area.

Program:Community Planning
Program Year:2013
Project Type(s):Developer Panel
Grantee:Village of Hanover Park
Current Activities:This panel convened in February 2014 and a summary report of the discussion can be found below in the Study Documents. The RTA is monitoring progress and will offer assistance with implementation as needed.
Information Updated:January 2017
SourceInitial PlanDeveloper PanelTOD Zoning Code UpdateTotal
Study Documents
Hanover Park Developer Discussion Panel Summary Report (May, 2014)
Hanover Park Village Center and TOD Plan (May 17, 2012)
Hanover Park Village Center and TOD Plan - Appendix (May 17, 2012)
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Hanover Park Village Center Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) (2011)
Hanover Park TOD Zoning Code Update (2020)
Related Transit Assets
Metra Stations:Hanover Park (Milw-W) accessible
Pace Bus Routes:554 Elgin - Woodfield accessible
Related Jurisdictions
Counties:Cook, DuPage
Municipalities:Hanover Park
US Congressional Districts:8 Raja Krishnamoorthi
Illinois Senate Districts:22 Cristina Castro, 28 Laura M. Murphy
Illinois House Districts:44 Fred Crespo, 56 Michelle Mussman
County Board Districts:Cook 15, DuPage 6
Chicago Wards:none
Councils of Mayors:DuPage, Northwest
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