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RTA logo Des Plaines Cumberland Transit-Oriented Development Plan

Study Description

In September 2009, the City and consultant team worked with a steering committee including neighborhood residents and business owners to develop a plan for the area around the Cumberland Metra Station. The plan identifies streetscape, pedestrian, and roadway opportunities to improve access and circulation near the station. The final report adopted by the board is comprised of three different volumes: concept plan, design guidelines, and appendix. Implementation of the plan will strongly rely on market forces and actions from the City. The City Council approved the plan as an amendment to the City's Comprehensive Plan in January 2011.

Program:Community Planning
Program Year:2009
Project Type(s):Transit-Oriented Development Plan
Grantee:City of Des Plaines
Current Activities:The plan was adopted by the City Council on January 3, 2011. In June 2015, a development team submitted a proposal for the redevelopment of the Littelfuse site along Northwest Highway. The residential project will consist of 127 townhouses and a five-story apartment building with 270 units, located a half-mile from the Cumberland Metra Station. Construction began in late 2016 and will continue through roughly 2020 with townhome units being available for occupancy as soon as 2017.
Information Updated:May 2017
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Metra Stations:Cumberland (UP-NW)
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Municipalities:Des Plaines
US Congressional Districts:10 Brad Schneider, 9 Jan Schakowsky
Illinois Senate Districts:27 Ann Gillespie, 28 Laura M. Murphy
Illinois House Districts:53 Mark Walker, 55 Martin J. Moylan
County Board Districts:Cook 17, Cook 9
Chicago Wards:none
Councils of Mayors:Northwest
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