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Study Description

In late 2009, the Village of Wilmette began a planning process that leveraged the Village's high commuter usage of the rail and bus systems to create a long-range vision for an improved downtown area. This ten-month planning and design process built upon several other studies and engaged some 300 residents in the process. The study process evaluated market feasibility, infrastructure capacity, and most importantly public opinion to create the final plan recommendations. The result of the project created a Master Plan that suggests increased densities, building heights and a mix of acceptable land uses combined with an appropriately regulated urban design and public realm character for defined portions or Target Areas of the Village Center. Additionally, the Master Plan conceptually addresses other areas of the Village Center, most notably the Green Bay Road corridor and future redevelopment which may occur there.

The final Wilmette Village Center Master Plan is intended as a basis, or starting point, for any future detailed development planning, design or engineering that will be required leading up to construction and implementation of all or portions of the Plan. It is a guide and as an approved Village tool, it will provide the roadmap for future initiatives, Village leadership goal setting and budgeting and management of the downtown. It is a living document and must be easily and effectively managed and adaptable to changing market conditions. While the time horizon for this Master Plan has been identified as a 10 to 15 year program, it is important that staff and Village leadership update and benchmark the plan on a regular interval. The Village of Wilmette officially adopted the Village Center Master Plan document as an amendment to their comprehensive plan on January 25, 2011. The project's website contains detailed information and reports.

Program:Community Planning
Program Year:2009
Project Type(s):Transit-Oriented Development Plan
Grantee:Village of Wilmette
Current Activities:In 2011, a CMAP-led Value Capture study looked at potential funding mechanisms and innovative financing techniques to identify ways for the Village to fund the parking deck recommended in the TOD plan. The Executive Summary of this study can be found here.

The Village of Wilmette was chosen as part of the 2011 RTA Community Program of Projects to update their Village Center Parking Regulations. This project began in the 4th Quarter of 2011 and the new TOD parking regulations took effect April 1, 2014. For more information please click here.

In September of 2014 the Village announced the sale of a property at 611 Green Bay Road to a developer. A five-story mixed-use project that includes 75 apartments is opening in summer of 2017.

In May of 2018 Wilmette was awarded grant funding from the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP) to improve pedestrian infrastructure in its downtown according to plan recommendations. In addition to aesthetic improvements, such as landscaping and decorative paving, there are a number of pedestrian safety improvements like curb bumpouts and speed tables, as well as bike parking throughout the downtown.
Information Updated:June 2018
SourceInitial PlanTOD Zoning Code UpdateTotal
Study Documents
Wilmette Village Center Plan - 269 MB full resolution (March 24, 2011)
Wilmette Village Center Plan - 27 MB small file (March 24, 2011)
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