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Study Description

The Fox River Grove Downtown Redevelopment Plan developed a market-based concept plan for the Metra station area. The plan specifically utilized the proximity of the Fox River to the downtown and proposed new commuter rail facilities as a key to redevelopment. Given that the downtown is bisected by a major arterial and the commuter rail line, that are adjacent and parallel to each other, a pedestrian underpass under U.S. Route 14 was recommended to help achieve greater connectivity between the north and south sides of the downtown. The plan was completed in December 2003.

Program:Community Planning
Program Year:2001
Project Type(s):Transit-Oriented Development Plan
Grantee:Village of Fox River Grove
Current Activities:Expanded station facilities opened in summer of 2013 including a second (western) waiting area in December 2013 at Northwest Highway and Lincoln Ave. The Village is exploring development options for the former Grove Residences site at River Road and Route 14.
Information Updated:June 2018
Study Documents
Village of Fox River Grove Station Area Planning Study
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Metra Stations:Fox River Grove (UP-NW)
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Municipalities:Barrington Hills, Cary, Fox River Grove
US Congressional Districts:6 Sean Casten
Illinois Senate Districts:26 Dan McConchie
Illinois House Districts:52 David McSweeney
County Board Districts:McHenry 1
Chicago Wards:none
Councils of Mayors:McHenry
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