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Study Description

This project created a transit access improvement and transit-oriented development (TOD) plan for the 63rd Street Corridor in Chicago's Washington Park Neighborhood between the Cottage Grove Green Line station on the east and the King Drive Green Line station on the west. The plan outlines land use development concepts, design guidelines, and implementation strategies for access improvements and TOD along the corridor that will help maximize the existing transit investments within the neighborhood, including CTA bus routes (Route 63, which ranks ninth in overall bus ridership for the CTA) and rail services. The plan serves as a guide to enhance development, increase transit ridership and expand housing and economic development opportunities in the neighborhood.

Program:Community Planning
Program Year:2010
Project Type(s):Transit-Oriented Development Plan, Transit Improvement Plan
Grantee:City of Chicago
Current Activities:This study is being used by City staff and elected officials to guide transit access improvements and land use development along the corridor. A significant amount of development has been occurring near the station. Visit our Story Map for details
Information Updated:October 2018
SourceInitial PlanInitial PlanTotal
Study Documents
63rd Street TOD Corridor Study
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Chicago--Reconnecting Neighborhoods (2006)
Related Transit Assets
CTA Stations:63rd-Dan Ryan (Red) accessible
King Drive (Green) accessible
CTA Bus Routes:29 State accessible
63 63rd accessible
Related Jurisdictions
US Congressional Districts:1 Bobby Rush, 7 Danny Davis
Illinois Senate Districts:13 Robert Peters, 3 Mattie Hunter
Illinois House Districts:26 Kambium Buckner, 5 Lamont Robinson, 6 Sonya M. Harper
County Board Districts:Cook 2, Cook 3
Chicago Wards:20 Jeanette B. Taylor
Councils of Mayors:Chicago
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