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RTA logo Pace Transit Signal Priority Planning for the Milwaukee Avenue Arterial Rapid Transit

Study Description

This planning effort developed Transit Signal Priority (TSP) Signal Timing Strategies and Signal Timing Optimization Plans for the future Milwaukee Arterial Rapid Transit (ART) corridor along Milwaukee Avenue from the Jefferson Park Transit Center in the City of Chicago to Golf Mill Mall in the Village of Niles. It is the first step toward implementing TSP. Signal optimization improves traffic flow for all vehicular traffic, including transit. Improved traffic flow results in reduced stop-and-go traffic, improves platoon progression as well as reduced idle time; which reduces vehicular emissions. TSP improves travel speed and schedule reliability of transit, which, in turns, makes transit a more attractive mobility choice.

Program:Community Planning
Program Year:2010
Project Type(s):Transit Improvement Plan
Current Activities:The project was completed in August 2011. Pace continues to advance Transit Signal Priority (TSP) and Arterial Rapid Transit (ART) along the corridor. Through an RTA Innovation, Coordination, and Enhancement (ICE) project, Pace will test the integration of transit signal priority technology that will allow CTA and Pace buses to interact with multiple types of traffic signal systems located on the same arterial.

Pace received a CMAQ grant in 2014 to fund the following components of Milwaukee Avenue ART from Jefferson Park to Golf Mill: Phase 1 Engineering, stations, real time information, ART vehicles, and queue jump lanes (where appropriate), which are elements of the Pace TSP Planning for the Milwaukee Avenue Arterial Rapid Transit. Pace held public open houses for its Milwaukee Avenue ART service in 2015 to solicit feedback. Milwaukee Avenue will be the first Pace ART line - now titled Pace Pulse - to be implemented. Construction on shelters and other supporting infrastructure will begin in summer of 2017 with an expected opening of the line in 2018. For more information regarding the Pace Pulse service, visit
Information Updated:May 2017
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Pace Bus Routes:270 Milwaukee Avenue accessible
Related Jurisdictions
Municipalities:Chicago, Glenview, Morton Grove, Niles, Park Ridge
US Congressional Districts:10 Brad Schneider, 5 Mike Quigley, 9 Jan Schakowsky
Illinois Senate Districts:10 Robert F. Martwick, 8 Ram Villivalam
Illinois House Districts:15 John C. D'Amico, 19 Lindsey LaPointe, 20 Bradley Stephens
County Board Districts:Cook 10, Cook 12, Cook 13, Cook 14, Cook 9
Chicago Wards:38 Nicholas Sposato, 39 Sam Nugent, 41 Anthony V. Napolitano, 45 Jim Gardiner
Councils of Mayors:Chicago, North Shore, Northwest
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