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Study Description

This study examined ways to increase usage of the station, increase access to the station by alternative modes of transportation, enhance transfers between modes at the station, and integrate with development plans.

Program:Community Planning
Program Year:2003
Project Type(s):Transit-Oriented Development Plan
Grantee:Village of Oak Park
Current Activities:This project was completed in May 2005. In late November 2011, it was announced that the West Cook County Housing Collaborative received a nearly $3 million grant for its transit-oriented development strategy to update comprehensive plans and to create a sustainable transit-oriented development fund for the communities of Bellwood, Berwyn, Forest Park, Maywood and Oak Park. The communities are currently completing Comprehensive Plans that include recommendations for priority redevelopment parcels in each community's TOD area.

Many development projects are currently underway in the Village's TOD areas. Construction was completed on a 21-story mixed-use building at Lake Street and Forest Avenue, called Vantage Oak Park, in summer of 2016 with the first units occupied in July. The development includes 270 rental apartments, 25,000SF of ground-level retail and an integrated parking garage with 288 residential spaces and 300 public spaces. Another mixed-use residential, retail and parking project, called Oak Park Station, will open in late 2017 on the Village-owned Westgate site between Lake Street and North Boulevard just east of Harlem Avenue. Oak Park Station features a 20-story tower and five-story building that include 270 rental apartments, 28,000 square feet of retail and a five-story parking garage with 428 spaces for residential, retail, and public use. Additionally, the southeast corner of South Boulevard and Harlem Avenue is under consideration for a mixed-use structure consisting of approximately 263 rental apartments, 10,000 square feet of retail and a 400 space parking garage. This project would include streetscape improvements along Maple Avenue to connect the project to the north. Construction began in summer of 2017. These new developments will encourage increased ridership on all available transit services in the downtown area by adding a significant number of residential units within walking distance of CTA, Metra and Pace service.

The Village is also planning an extension of the Marion Street streetscape improvements west on South Boulevard to Harlem Avenue to enhance pedestrian and bicycle mobility and access to surrounding transit service. These improvements would include wider sidewalks, shorter intersection crosswalk distances improved lighting and public seating. The project is partially funded through the Transportation, Community and System Preservation Program (TCSP).
Information Updated:August 2017
Study Documents
Greater Downtown Development Guidelines (March 21, 2005)
Greater Downtown Master Plan (March 21, 2005)
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CTA Stations:Oak Park-Lake (Green)
Metra Stations:Oak Park (Marion Street) (UP-W) accessible
Pace Passenger Facilities:Oak Park CTA/Metra Transfer Center
Related Jurisdictions
Municipalities:Forest Park, Oak Park, River Forest
US Congressional Districts:7 Danny Davis
Illinois Senate Districts:39 Don Harmon, 4 Kimberly A. Lightford
Illinois House Districts:7 Emanuel Chris Welch, 78 Camille Y. Lilly
County Board Districts:Cook 1, Cook 9
Chicago Wards:none
Councils of Mayors:North Central
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