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A programmed rail car overhaul program will provide for renewal of truck, propulsion, and other subsystem equipment on rail cars in the 3200 Series rail car fleets to maintain a state of good repair. CTA is also retrofitting the 3200 Series cars with new air conditioning units, auxiliary power supply, destination signs, LED lighting, and security cameras.

Service Board:Chicago Transit Authority
Program Category:Rolling Stock
Overall Status:Complete
Budget Status:On Budget
Schedule Status:Behind Schedule
Current Activities:The 3200 Series project covers 256 cars. The component rebuild, car overhaul work, and equipment installation is being done by CTA Skokie Shop staff. As of October 2018, all 256 cars have undergone the overhaul and returned to revenue service. There was increased scope of repairs based on car condition observed during the program of which all cars were completed.
Information Updated:January 2020
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