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CTA will replace the mortar and sealant joints at the exterior masonry or precast. Additionally, repairs to the building caused by sealant degradation will be included. Key areas of concern are at the junctions of precast panels, dissimilar materials (e.g. masonry and steel), and at wall openings, such as windows and doors.

Service Board:Chicago Transit Authority
Program Category:Support Facilities & Equipment
Overall Status:Complete
Budget Status:On Budget
Schedule Status:On Schedule
Current Activities:Repair work at 98th Shop started in May 2015, was substantially complete in September 2015 and has been closed out. Another funding source was secured for a more comprehensive building envelope repair design. Design documents for Midway Shop and 74th Garage were updated and have been approved. At the request of the Illinois Department of Transportation, CTA has prioritized projects and is in the process of revising their State Bond program. With the revision of the State Bond program, other funding sources will need to be identified for the construction phase of this project.
Information Updated:August 2017
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