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The Positive Train Control (PTC) system is comprised of wayside, onboard, and central equipment, including signals, GPS, computer hardware and software, and various other communications components. The system integrator functions to combine these components through design, testing, and implementation.

Service Board:Metra Commuter Rail
Program Category:Electrical, Signal, & Communications
Overall Status:In Progress
Budget Status:On Budget
Schedule Status:On Schedule
Current Activities:PTC system development continued related to the communication architecture, Back-Office Segment, dispatching requirements, and database management. Planning continued as well for training, installation of software, communications network, and PTC safety plan. Metra completed the FRA-witnessed Metra Electric District - University park signal testing. Metra also accomplished 100 successful revenue service demonstration (RSD) on the SWS line between Worth and Manhattan commuter rail stations. As such, the FRA granted Metra an extended RSD for the SWS line. Project continues forward on all lines Metra owned as well as continue to develop and assist in interoperability on non-Metra owned lines.
Information Updated:August 2019
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