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This project will for upgrade to building envelopes as well upgrades to interior finisher , AC power , lighting , alarms , heating , ventilation and plumbing systems at all three substation . At east lake substation the routing of cable from the substation to the elevated structure will be purchased from ComEd . At Milwaukee substation the project will provide for new traction power equipment with greater capacity.

Service Board:Chicago Transit Authority
Program Category:Support Facilities & Equipment
Overall Status:In Progress
Budget Status:On Budget
Schedule Status:On Schedule
Current Activities:Work continues on the East Lake Substation with delivery, installation, and pretesting of lineup #2. The factory testing is ongoing for the traction power equipment. Concurrently, the traction power ductbank installation is ongoing in the courtyard area. Coordination with the Office of Underground Coordination continues for this work as the traction power ductbank goes through the sidewalk and street.
Information Updated:January 2020
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