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This project is for the design and engineering, construction, project management, and any associated equipment and services for three facilities for the Pace South Campus in Markham. The three facilities are the Active Transit management Center which will serve as a new Acceptance Facility, Office Building, and associated site work including a Bus Operator Training Course.

Service Board:Pace Suburban Bus
Program Category:Support Facilities & Equipment
Overall Status:Design
Budget Status:On Budget
Schedule Status:Unknown
Current Activities:Pace amended an existing contract with Bloom Companies, the original designer for the South Holland Acceptance Facility, to include the modified design for the Pace South Campus Design which is to be located in Markham. The project team continues to advance the plans of the Acceptance Facility incorporating the review comments, advance the programming of the new office building per Pace's input and continues the work on the Civil Site plans incorporating the review comments as well as the bus driving facility. The pre-design is 95% complete and design is 60% complete and working towards 100% completion.
Information Updated:August 2020
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