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This project involves the replacement of the digital video recording (DVR) systems on Metra locomotives, cab cars, and EMUs. Both the cameras and the DVR will be digital with this new system. The new system includes but not limited to an inward facing camera which includes facial recognition, outward facing camera with dual lens, the DVR, and additional capability to monitor onboard control systems and wirelessly report on their condition.

Service Board:Metra Commuter Rail
Program Category:Rolling Stock
Overall Status:In Progress
Budget Status:On Budget
Schedule Status:On Schedule
Current Activities:The new technology will allow recording at a faster frame rate and higher resolution, allowing slowing down the recording to less than real time rates without distortion, blurring, or loss of resolution. In addition, individual frames will not be grainy or distorted. Currently, the DVR system is in full scale installation by Metra Forces. The contractor received board approval and received a Notice-to-Proceed for the installation.
Information Updated:May 2020
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