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This page will help you determine how to navigate directly to a particular page in RTAMS by giving the hyperlink path from the menu items to each page. For example, to view to the "Metra Parking and Access" page, you go to the "Select Transit Asset" page under the "Routes, Stations and Lines" menu, select a Metra station to go to the "Rail Station" page, and then follow the link to the "Metra Parking and Access" page. RTAMS has numerous links across its major functional areas ("Assets and Services", "Capital Projects", etc.), which are not shown here. For example, there are links to the "Rail Station" page on the page that gives the ridership statistics for that station or a list of planning studies that involve that station. Of course, the "Metra Parking and Access" page would then be available if the station is a Metra station.

Where possible, the page titles below are links to the given page. However, some page titles cannot be links because additional information is necessary to load the page. For example, you must select a bus route to view the "Bus Route" page and you must select a planning study to view the "Planning Study" page.

Routes, Stations and Lines

Vehicles and Rolling Stock

Capital Projects

Ridership Statistics

Planning Projects

Partner Agencies

Maps and GTFS Data

Financial Reports

Political Jurisdictions

Demographics and Travel Patterns

General Information

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