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Place Number of CTA Bus Routes Number of CTA Rail Stations Number of Metra Rail Stations Number of Pace Bus Routes
Randolph Street Station27310
Van Buren Street24311
Union Station20012
95 / Dan Ryan (Red)15104
Naperville (BNSF)00119
Midway (Orange)10108
Ogilvie Transportation Center17110
Jefferson Park (Blue, UP-NW)11114
La Salle Street Station14210
Rosemont (Blue)01015
Roosevelt Road Station14010
Elgin (MD-W)00113
Forest Park (Blue)11011
Howard (Red, Yellow, Purple)10102
Joliet Union Station (HC,RI)00112
Roosevelt (Orange, Green, Red)11200
Chicago & Mies Van Der Rohe11001
Davis (Purple, UP-N)7113
Cicero and 63rd4007
Harvey (ME-ML)00110
Harlem / Lake (Green, UP-W)1117
Hodgkins/UPS Transfer Center2008
Lake Cook (MD-N)0019
Lisle (BNSF)0019
95th / Chicago State University (ME-ML)7011
Aurora (BNSF)0018
Waukegan (UP-N)0018
Wheaton (UP-W)0018
54 / Cermak (Blue)3104
59th / University of Chicago (ME-ML,SS)7010
Cicero (Blue - 54/Cermak)5102
Des Plaines (UP-NW)0017
Vermont St. Blue Island (ME-BI,RI)1025
23rd / McCormick Place (ME-ML)6010
53rd / Hyde Park (ME-ML)6010
55th / 56th / 57th (ME-ML)6010
93rd / South Chicago (ME-SC)6010
Bryn Mawr (ME-SC)6010
Buffalo Grove (NCS)0016
Cicero and 79th2005
Cumberland (Blue - O'Hare)2104
Ford City2005
Halsted and 95th5002
Harlem (Blue-O'Hare)4102
Homewood (ME-ML)0016
Irving Park (Blue, UP-NW)5110
Main (Purple, UP-N)5110
Old Orchard Mall (Hibbard and Golf)4003
Western and 95th5002
47th / Kenwood (ME-ML)5010
63rd (ME-ML,SS)5010
Austin and Cermak2004
Austin and Madison3003
Cicero Avenue (BNSF)4011
Clybourn (UP-N, UP-NW)5010
Glenview (MD-N)0015
Halsted and 119th3003
King and 95th5001
Montrose / Mayfair (Blue / MD-N)4110
Oak Park and Cermak2004
Ridgeland and Cermak2004
Skokie (Yellow)2103
West Pullman (ME-BI)2013
Western (Brown)5100
Western and 79th5001
Worth (SWS)0015
95th / Longwood (RI)3011
Ashland and 95th4001
Downers Grove, Main Street (BNSF)0014
Edgebrook (MD-N)2012
Elmhurst (UP-W)0014
Glen Ellyn (UP-W)0014
Halsted and 115th4001
Halsted and 124th2003
Harlem and 63rd2003
Harlem and Cermak2003
Harlem and Irving Park3002
Hegewisch (SS)1013
Highland Park (UP-N)0014
Madison and 5th Ave1004
Marine Drive and Irving Park5000
North Riverside Mall3002
Oak Lawn (SWS)0014
Park Ridge (UP-NW)1013
Pulaski and 103rd3002
Pulaski and 111th3002
Pulaski and 79th4001
Ridgeland (Green)1103
Route 59 (BNSF)0014
Sheridan (Red)4100
Western Avenue (MD-N, MD-W, NCS)4010
Western and 87th4001
Westmont (BNSF)0014
103rd Rosemoor (ME-ML)3010
111th / Pullman (ME-ML)3010
18th (ME-ML)3010
27th St.4000
83rd (ME-SC)3010
87th (ME-SC)3010
95th / Beverly (RI)2011
Addison (Brown)1102
Addison (Red)1102
Archer and 63rd2002
Arlington Heights (UP-NW)0013
Austin (Green)1102
Austin and 63rd2002
Braeside (UP-N)0013
Central (Purple)2101
Central Street (UP-N)2011
College Avenue (UP-W)0013
Cragin (MD-W)3010
Cumberland (UP-NW)0013
Cumberland and Belmont1003
Deerfield (MD-N)0013
Dodge and Church3001
Foster (Purple)2101
Fullerton (Red, Brown, Purple)1102
Geneva (UP-W)0013
Halsted (BNSF)3010
Halsted and 111th3001
Harlem and Archer2002
Harlem and NW Hwy3001
Harlem and North2002
Hazel Crest (ME-ML)0013
LaGrange Road (BNSF)0013
Lake Forest (UP-N)0013
Laramie and Cermak2002
Linden (Purple)0103
Loyola (Red)2101
Maywood (UP-W)0013
Melrose Park (UP-W)0013
Michigan and 111th3001
Michigan and 115th3001
Naragansett and Fullerton3001
Narragansett and 63rd2002
Nordica and Grand3001
North Glenview (MD-N)0013
Oak Park (Green)0103
Old Orchard and Harms (Cook County Court)2002
Palos Heights (SWS)0013
Pulaski and 115th2002
Ravenswood (UP-N)3010
River Grove (MD-W)0013
Skokie and Dempster2002
South Shore (ME-SC)3010
Stony Island (ME-SC)3010
Wilmette (UP-N)0013
Windsor Park (ME-SC)3010
153rd St., Orland Park (SWS)0012
211th St. / Lincoln Hwy. (ME-ML)0012
75th / Grand Crossing (ME-ML)2010
Austin (Blue)1101
Austin and Roosevelt1002
Barrington (UP-NW)0012
Belmont (BNSF)0012
Bensenville (MD-W)0012
Berwyn (BNSF)0012
Brickyard Mall2001
Burr Oak (ME-ML)0012
Caldwell and Touhy1002
California and Howard2001
California and Touhy2001
Calumet (ME-ML)0012
Cheltenham / 79th (ME-SC)2010
Cicero and 31st2001
Cicero and 87th1002
Cicero and Irving Park3000
Cicero and Touhy1002
Clarendon Hills (BNSF)0012
Clyde (BNSF)0012
Crystal Lake (UP-NW)0012
Cumberland and Irving Park1002
Cumberland and Lawrence2001
Dee Road (UP-NW)0012
Edison Park (UP-NW)1011
Elmwood Park (MD-W)0012
Fox Lake (MD-N)0012
Franklin Park (MD-W)0012
Golf (MD-N)0012
Grayland (MD-N)2010
Green Bay and Grant2001
Gresham (RI)2010
Halsted and 103rd2001
Halsted and 127th2001
Harlem Avenue (BNSF)0012
Harlem and Fullerton1002
Harlem and Touhy1002
Healy (MD-N)2010
Higgins and Canfield1002
Indiana and 130th2001
Irving Park (Brown)2100
Kedzie (UP-W)2010
Kensington / 115th (ME-ML,SS)2010
LaVergne (BNSF)0012
Lehigh and Touhy1002
Lincoln and Oakton1002
Lincoln and Peterson2001
Lincoln and Touhy1002
Lockport (HC)0012
Mannheim (MD-W)0012
McCormick and Kimball2001
McHenry (UP-NW)0012
Michigan and 119th2001
Milwaukee and Imlay2001
Mount Prospect (UP-NW)0012
Mundelein (NCS)0012
Naragansett and North2001
National Street (MD-W)0012
North Chicago (UP-N)0012
Oak Forest (RI)0012
Pulaski and 95th2001
Ridge and Dempster2001
River Forest (UP-W)0012
Riverdale (ME-ML)0012
Rogers Park (UP-N)2010
Skokie and Church2001
Skokie and Oakton2100
State Street (ME-BI)1011
Talcott and Canfield1002
Vernon Hills (NCS)0012
Western (BNSF)2010
Western and 103rd2001
Western and 111th2001
Western and 119th2001
Western and 127th1002
Western and Howard2001
Western and Irving Park3000
Western and Montrose3000
Willow Springs (HC)0012
Winnetka (UP-N)0012
Woodstock (UP-NW)0012
Wrightwood (SWS)2010
103rd / Beverly (RI)1010
103rd / Washington Heights (RI)1010
107th (ME-ML)1010
111th / Morgan Park (RI)1010
119th (RI)1010
147th St. / Sibley Blvd. (ME-ML)0011
179th St., Orland Park (SWS)0011
79th / Chatham (ME-ML)1010
87th / Woodruff (ME-ML)1010
91st St.2000
Ashland and Irving Park2000
Bartlett (Milw-W)0011
Bellwood (UP-W)0011
Brookfield (BNSF)0011
California and Lincoln2000
Chicago Ridge (SWS)0011
Cicero and Foster2000
Cicero and Lawrence2000
Cicero and Peterson2000
Congress Park (BNSF)0011
Crawford and Oakton1001
Cumberland and Addison1001
Dodge and Dempster1001
Flossmoor (ME-ML)0011
Fort Sheridan (UP-N)0011
Fowler and Dempster1001
Galewood (MD-W)1010
Gladstone Park (UP-NW)1010
Glencoe (UP-N)0011
Grayslake (MD-N)0011
Great Lakes (UP-N)0011
Hanson Park (MD-W)1010
Harlem (Blue-Forest Park)0101
Harvard (UP-NW)0011
Highwood (UP-N)0011
Hinsdale (BNSF)0011
Hubbard Woods (UP-N)0011
Indian Hill (UP-N)0011
Ingleside (MD-N)0011
Itasca (MD-W)0011
Kedzie and 95th1001
Kedzie and Touhy1001
Kenilworth (UP-N)0011
King and 103rd1001
Laramie and Roosevelt1001
Lemont (HC)0011
Libertyville (MD-N)0011
Lincoln and Foster2000
Lombard (UP-W)0011
Midlothian (RI)0011
Morton Grove (MD-N)0011
Northbrook (MD-N)0011
Norwood Park (UP-NW)1010
O'Hare (Blue)0101
Oak Park (Blue)0101
Overhill and Touhy1001
Palatine (UP-NW)0011
Palos Park (SWS)0011
Prairie Blue Island (RI)0011
Prospect Heights (NCS)0011
Ravinia (UP-N)0011
Richton Park (ME-ML)0011
Round Lake (MD-N)0011
Schaumburg (MD-W)0011
Skokie and Lincoln1001
Summit (HC)0011
Tinley Park (RI)0011
University Park (ME-ML)0011
Western Springs (BNSF)0011
Western and Touhy1001
Wheeling (NCS)0011
Wood Dale (MD-W)0011

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