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The Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP) is a special tabulation of the U.S. Census for transportation planners. It contains detailed tabulations on the characteristics of workers at their place of residence ("part 1"), at their place of work ("part 2"), and on work trip flows between home and work ("part 3").

RTAMS currently contains the 2006-2010 (5-Year Estimate) and 2000 work trip flow ("part 3") data for a 37-county region including northeastern Illinois, southeastern Wisconsin, and northwestern Indiana. The data has been extracted from the most detailed tabulation available, and it contains over 9,000 origin-destination zones. Data tabulations currently available include the number of workers by means of transportation (i.e. "drove alone," "bus," "rail," etc.), as well as travel time to work by means of transportation.

Users may select an origin and a destination from over 200 predefined geographies, including regions, counties, suburban and rural townships, and subareas of the City of Chicago. The results are shown in a table.

1990 CTPP work trip flow data is also available for selected predefined geographies. To access the 1990-2000 change in flows page, first submit an origin and destination, which will take you to the 2006-2010 flows results page. Then select the 1990-2000 change in flows option from the 2006-2010 flows results page. However, it is not appropriate to compare the 2006-2010 (5-Year Estimate) and 2000 datasets due to changes in sampling methodology.

NOTE: Do not select subareas of a selected area within the origins or destinations: the data for all subareas will be included under the selected area. You may not do a search from all origins to all destinations.

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