Life Extending Bus Overhaul - 430 Standard (1000 Series)

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Life Extending Bus Overhaul - 430 Standard (1000 Series)

Asset Category
Rolling Stock
2023 Funding
2024-2027 Funding

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Project Description

Life Extending Overhaul - Up to 430 Standard (1000 Series) - This project will overhaul the engine and other major sub-components to provide the minimal amount of work necessary to keep the fleet going. By end of FY2020 630 buses will have met their estimated 12 year life expectancy. This extension would extend the bus life by four years. The life extension for the 40 foot 1000-1629 New Flyer Bus is essential to keeping a majority of the CTA fleet running in optimal condition. The current fleet of 40 foot NF buses is over 1000 buses. This project is essential to meet availability requirements for CTA. These buses were purchased in 2006-2007 and this life extension is essential to maintaining peak availability requirements at all 7 bus garages.