Information Technology - MMIMS Upgrade

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Information Technology - MMIMS Upgrade

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2023 Funding
2024-2027 Funding

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Project Description

The MMIS application is used for managing repairs and issuing parts to the CTA Bus and Rail fleet. The last upgrade of this application started in 2016 with target completion of 2018. By 2022, this version of the MMIS product will no longer be supported by Trapeze, the vendor of the MMIS application. This request is for the next anticipated major upgrade for this mission critical software. Without the upgrade CTA will not be entitled to fixes and support of this application and can be in danger of operating this critical software with risk of bugs or failureswithout a means to resolve them. The
expected length of time for this upgrade is 18 months. This project will be to upgrade the MMIS application, and its related hardware. This includes upgrading the MMIS application, Documoto Cloud application, all various interfaces between the applications and other enterprise applications
like TOPS, ERP, Clever etc. The hardware infrastructure for the MMIS servers (Dev, Test, Training, PROD) will need to be upgraded. The 256 KIOSKS spread across the various CTA facilities will need to be upgraded.