Construct Salt Shed

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Construct Salt Shed

Asset Category
Support Facilities & Equipment
2023 Funding
2024-2027 Funding

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Project Description

Pace is in need of a stand-alone storage solution and will construct a shed to store and secure up to 10
tons of bulk rock salt that is used during the winter season. The construction of the shed will be within the
footprint of Pace's parcel. This shed will allow for accessible use with Pace's skidsteer to load rock salt
onto the pickup trucks and distribute it on approximately more than 15,000 square yards of grounds
(parking lots and driveways), in addition to sidewalks, in a safe and more efficient manner. Currently
Pace purchases 50-pound bags of salt that have to be loaded manually which has become very unsafe
in term of personal injury risk and is very time consuming as it has to be loaded multiple times per day.