Seegar Interlocking

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Seegar Interlocking

Asset Category
Track & Structure
2023 Funding
2024-2027 Funding

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Project Description

This project will provide funds for the replacement of the Seeger Interlocking on Metra’s Union Pacific
Northwest line (MP 18.5). The layout of the control point only allows 30 mph crossover speeds for
commuter trains. The goal of this upgrade, in addition to updating the equipment, would be to increase
the train speeds to 40 mph, and upgrade the switch layouts to meet current railroad design
The existing signal system is approximately 50 years old and requires replacement due to age and
condition. The signal system has had malfunction issues that have caused delays. The replacement
equipment will include a modern, solid state control point and an upgraded switch machine.
By renewing the signal infrastructure with the latest technologies, Metra can increase operational
efficiency, enhance safety, reduce delays, and have a life expectancy of additional twenty plus years.
FY2020 PAYGO funds will be used to implement this project.