Facilities - Substation Roof Repairs

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Facilities - Substation Roof Repairs

Asset Category
Support Facilities & Equipment
2023 Funding
2024-2027 Funding

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Project Description

Program would address the most immediate critical needs at CTA facilities systemwide to enable their
safe and reliable operation. The goal would be to have an annual appropriation in the CIP that would
be solely dedicated toward addressing this Program. Transit service safety and reliability is affected by
out-of-date rail, bus, and maintenance facilities.
The project will complete roof replacements at five CTA substations: Calvary, Lotus, Des Plaines,
Ashland, and O’Hare. The project will also complete exterior façade repair at the O’Hare Substation,
including wall panel and louver replacement, masonry wall and expansion joint repairs, painting, doors,
and new surface mounted exterior light fixtures. Design will be completed in-house by CTA
engineering staff.