Improve Facilities - Electric Bus Program Planning

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Improve Facilities - Electric Bus Program Planning

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Support Facilities & Equipment
2023 Funding
2024-2027 Funding

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Project Description

CTA has committed to a full electrification of the bus fleet by 2040, providing significant air quality improvements to the region and the immediate vicinity of the garage facilities. To implement the program, the garages will need to be converted to allow for routing servicing / charging of the buses as well as new maintenance requirements. The work will generally involve significant electrical upgrades, installation of charger infrastructure, and general updates to the facility to support the conversion to an electric fleet.

The primary locations for the electric charger upgrades will be within all of the CTA bus garages. Secondary locations will be on route charging at major terminals to support the longer bus routes. A study is ongoing to recommend network options and charging requirements. Additionally, load flow studies will be required at all of the garages to properly determine the specific charging needs.