Lake Street Line (Track and Structure)

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Lake Street Line (Track and Structure)

Asset Category
Track & Structure
2023 Funding
2024-2027 Funding

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Project Description

Track renewal work focusing on the Lake Street elevated tracks from Ada Street to the Abutment West of Laramie Avenue. This work builds upon the recent track renewal work completed from Harlem to Laramie Avenue.

The specific area of work within this segment of track will be determine based on funding availability and the condition of track. This provides for the initial installment of funds that are required for a significantly larger investment to complete work. Additional phased funding will be required to complete the entire segment of Track.

Scope includes replacement of ties, fasteners, timber guards, contact rail chairs, footwalks, handrails, track planking, selective running and contact rail, including at special trackwork and the middle track locations. The scope also includes improved curve geometry, running rail grinding, and incidental signal/traction power work. Lake Street