Upgrade Computer Systems - (TOPS, Enterprise Systems)

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Upgrade Computer Systems - (TOPS, Enterprise Systems)

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2023 Funding
2024-2027 Funding

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Project Description

To upgrade TOPS to Version 2025 or higher. In order to be on the most recent software refresh and technological architecture the TOPS applications should be upgraded every 3-4 years to utilize the latest software algorithms and better means of doing business. The current contract with Trapeze calls for 2 different TOPS upgrade. This request is for the 2nd TOPS upgrade request. This project will be to upgrade the TOPS application, and its related hardware. This includes upgrading the TOPS application, Viewpoint application, and the several interfaces with other enterprise applications like TOPS, ERP, Hastus, LMS etc. The hardware infrastructure for the TOPS servers (Dev, Test, Training, PROD) will need to be upgraded along with The Tap / SIT boxes that are spread across the various CTA facilities will also need to be upgraded.