Non-Revenue Rail Vehicle Equipment - Replacement

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Non-Revenue Rail Vehicle Equipment - Replacement

Asset Category
Support Facilities & Equipment
2023 Funding
2024-2027 Funding

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Project Description

Replace various rail-borne non-revenue vehicles that have exceeded their useful lives. Repairs and spare parts have become increasingly difficult which raises maintenance costs and increases duration of downtime of this critical equipment. Equipment includes: car movers, rail borne sewer vacuum, subway washer vehicle, rail profile grinder, rail cranes, 2 locomotive crane 22 ton, 2 tie cranes w/ close clearance tie replacement head, sky trim tree trimmer, tie inserters, MKVI tamper and stabilizer. Car movers needed to move rail cars in/out of shops, sewer vac needed for subway sewers, subway washer needed for subway cleanliness, other equipment needed for track maintenance.