Clybourn Station

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Clybourn Station

Asset Category
Stations & Passenger Facilities
2023 Funding
2024-2027 Funding

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Project Description

Replace and Widen west platform to 510' x 24' to accomodate new elevator. Requires realignment of track and replacement of Armitage Road Bridge (single track). Add 3 new headhouses with APTA elevators and new stairs, add (5) additional new stairs for access and egress. Provide (8) new shelters. (4) new 300' by 10' Canopies. Replace remainig platforms with new 510' long platforms. Replace south parking with dual lane turnaround and drop off and replace and reconfigure remaining parking (10+ spots). Replace and Rehab retaining walls. Tunnel rehab and extension. Site amenities. Includes replacement of 3-track through-plate steel bridge at Armitage Road.