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Year Project Title Program Project Type Project Partner Budget Funding Source(s) Status
+ 2007 Route 895 - 95th Street Rosemont/Schaumburg Express (Formerly Route 889-South Suburban Bus Express Bus Network) Section 5310 / JARC / NF Operating Pace Suburban Bus $2,100,000
  • Local
  • Federal


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This express bus route was originally implemented as Route 889 to provide low income residents in south Cook County with access to employment centers in the vicinity O-Hare and Schaumburg. In order to improve performance Pace introduced a new service design on November 21, 2011 as Route 895. The service operates peak period, peak direction, express service (NB in morning; SB in midday and evening) between Chicago Ridge & Pace Northwest Transportation Center with selected trips operating via the CTA Blue Line Rosemont Station. The service also includes a distributor segment to serve businesses in the Schaumburg area; the routing for each morning trip will vary/flex based on passenger destinations and the routing for midday and evening trips will follow the route¿s Schaumburg segment.

Current Activities

Pace reintroduced this service with a new service design on November 21, 2011. The service provided 4,368 trips in August 2014.

Funding Amounts by Source

Source Amount
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