Regional Transit Signal Priority (TSP) Implementation Program

Regional Transit Signal Priority (TSP) Implementation Program

Introduction to Transit Signal Priority

In order to reduce bus delays at traffic signals and improve bus service reliability, the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and Pace Suburban Bus are collaborating with various Departments of Transportation (DOT's) in Northeastern Illinois to implement Transit Signal Priority (TSP) on strategic bus corridors throughout the region. TSP utilizes existing vehicle location and wireless communication technologies to advance or extend green times at signalized intersections. When a TSP-equipped bus is late, it requests extra green time so it can proceed through the intersection.

Funded by a $40 million Federal CMAQ Grant, the overall goal of this program is to develop and implement a regionally-interoperable TSP system that works for both CTA and Pace buses traveling on roadways. The regional TSP program involves 13 priority transit corridors spanning about 100 miles of roadway and 500 signalized intersections across multiple jurisdictions in the six-county northeastern Illinois region.

The Evaluation Report for the Regional Transit Signal Priority Implementation Program (RTSPIP) includes a summary of the program goals and objectives, project implementation and TSP performance measures. Information on current activities, previous activities and program funding isĀ available here.

CMAQ-Funded TSP Corridors

Details on each of the CMAQ-funded TSP corridors are provided in the table below. Click here for an interactive map of the TSP Corridors.

Corridor NameFromToLength (Miles)Number of SignalsAgencyCTA RoutesPace RoutesProgrammed Engineering YearProgrammed Implementation Year
159th StreetTorrance AvenueOrland Square (94th Avenue)18.142Pace36420162021
95th StreetStony Island Avenue88th Avenue1348Pace38120172021
Ashland Avenue (North/Central)Irving Park RoadCermak Road751CTA9, X920172022
Ashland Avenue (South)Cermak Road95th Street942CTA9,X920152016
Cermak RoadCicero AvenueCollege of DuPage (Lambert Road)18.365Pace32220172021
Cicero Avenue59th Street167th Street13.546Pace38320172021
Dempster StreetDavis CTA/Metra (Ridge Avenue)O'Hare Transfer (Mannheim Road)17.562Pace25020162020
Grand Avenue (Lake Co.)Waukegan Metra (Sheridan Road)College of Lake County (US 45)11.830Pace56520172021
Halsted Street and Harvey TSP Upgrade95th StreetChicago Heights Terminal (US 30)15.539Pace352, 35920172022
I-90 Transit Corridor Access IntersectionsRosemont CTA (River Road)Randall Road26.39Pace600, 606, 610, 89520172022
Milwaukee AvenueGolf RoadJefferson Park CTA/Metra Station7.126Pace27020162019
Roosevelt RoadLaramie AvenueWheaton Metra (Carlton Avenue)22.366Pace301, 30520172021
Sibley Boulevard/147th StreetState Line RoadCicero Avenue13.734Pace350, 35420162021
Western AvenueHoward Street79th Street18.699CTA49,49B, X4920162019

Note that programming of specific TSP corridors and the limits of the improvements are subject to change based on funding availability and engineering considerations. Implementation of TSP on any particular corridor may occur in several phases spanning more than one calendar year.