STOPS - FTA's Simplified Trips-on-Project Software

STOPS - FTA's Simplified Trips-on-Project Software

STOPS (Simplified Trips-on-Project Software) is a limited implementation of the conventional "4-step" travel model developed by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). STOPS replaces the standard "trip generation" and "trip distribution" steps with the Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP) tabulations from the 2000 census to describe overall travel markets. It also replaces the traditional "coded" transit network with standard transit services data in the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format.

View and download STOPS documentation and software from the FTA web site.


RTA's Regionally Calibrated STOPS Inputs

RTA has led an effort to establish a consistent set of inputs to represent a "base case" scenario for the entire RTA region within the STOPS environment. From this base scenario, transit modelers should be able to code new build and no-build scenarios with a significant reduction in setup and calibration time. By using a consistent set of model inputs for the entire region and coding new projects in line with the Chicago Region User Guide, RTA hopes to allow transit operators, planners, and advocacy groups to explore transit improvements in a manner that produces reliable estimates across the Chicago region.

View RTA's STOPS Chicago Region Users Guide.

To download the RTA Regionally Calibrated STOPS Inputs, you must read the RTA Regionally Calibrated STOPS Inputs User Agreement.