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Capital programming is a core function of the RTA. RTA and the Service Boards have worked to articulate as well as advance a capital strategy for transit projects in the Chicagoland region.

Priority Projects have been identified by the Service Boards. These priority projects were defined in the Invest in Transit Regional Transit Strategic Plan and are updated on an annual basis. This page shows details about the funding for each priority project.

The 2022-2026 5-Year Regional Capital Program includes over 200 projects that are advancing many of these Priority Projects. The capital projects are shown in the table below, organized by Priority Project and can also be seen in a mapped form on the RTA Capital Projects Dashboard. Each project listing shows the amount of funding programmed in the 2022-2026 Regional Capital Program. Each listing also shows the core requirement(s) and strategic goals that each project helps to address, as defined in the region’s new performance-based capital allocation process.

Notably, the region has committed to dedicating 20% of programmed funds to projects that fulfill the core requirements of improving equity or achieving full accessibility for 2025 and beyond as a part of the new performance-based capital allocation process. 

The Service Boards have met and exceeded the 20% goal for the 2025 and 2026 budget years. Detailed analysis of the core requirements and strategic goals can be found in the Regional Transit Operating Budget and Capital Program

Read more about RTA’s capital programming activities here.

Project Management Oversite (PMO) data is provided for projects that are being actively monitored by the PMO group. Data included current activities, start and end date and budget and schedule status. The following page has a full list of active PMO projects.


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