Rail Renewal BNS

This map shows the location of the project. For projects that do not have a specific location but affect a line/route or the entire system, either the affected lines/routes are shown, or an entire service area map is shown.

If you select the option to “toggle the benefit layer,” you will see an approximation of the area that will benefit from the project.

Project programmed before 2024; Not evaluated by these metrics.

Project Description

Rail conditions are integral to maintaining safe operations and maintaining track speeds and on-time performance. These projects fund the refurbishment or replacement of rail and switches in the BNSF. Project activities may include but are not limited to, the renewal of switch points at various locations, the replacement of switch machines, AC heaters, the replacement of turnouts, and correcting minor defects with field welding. The high density of freight and commuter traffic, including extensive express service, requires close monitoring and periodic replacement of switches, switch machines, and sections of rail.