Cottage Grove Station

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Project programmed before 2024; Not evaluated by these metrics.

Project Description

CTA has partnered with the Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH) to revitalize the southeastcorner of 63rd Street and Cottage Grove Avenue with a new multi-use office/retail space, which willcontain a new Cottage Grove station house. Overall the general design concept relocates the CottageGrove station house within POAH's new Woodlawn Crossing mixed-use development at the southeastcorner of 63rd Street and Cottage Grove Avenue, while the existing platforms and other related railinfrastructure will remain in their current locations. The POAH design concept also adds a newpedestrian bridge and canopy to connect the existing platforms to POAH's Woodlawn Crossing building.The project will dramatically decrease the footprint of the CTA's Cottage Grove station over theintersection of 63rd Street and Cottage Grove, which will provide more natural light at street-level anddirectly respond to community feedback. The project features a number of station enhancements thatwill improve customer experience, including attractive new sculptural canopies, contemporary stationfinishes, a new elevator, and brighter lighting inside the station and on the platform. This funding willprovide for the demolition of the existing station house and canopy, new stationhouse including finisheswithin a new multi-use office/retail space conforming to CTA standards and criteria, platform extensions,new stairs from platform to grade, a new platform canopy, new friction buffer stops and associated trackwork, structural steel girder and stringer repairs, new lighting, new signage, and new train operator'sfacility.