Union Pacific West Line Expansion

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Project programmed before 2024; Not evaluated by these metrics.

Project Description

This project, a Public-Private Partnership between Metra and the Union Pacific Railroad, will constructtwo new segments of third mainline track on the Union Pacific West Line. One of the segments will bebetween the Vale Interlocking at milepost 10.0 in River Forest and the 25th Avenue Interlocking atmilepost 11.8 in Melrose Park. The other segment will be between the Kress Interlocking at milepost32.1 in West Chicago and the Peck Interlocking at milepost 38.4 in Geneva.Improvements are anticipated for all four of the interlockers that bookend the two segments. Additionally,a new interlocker may be constructed at milepost 35.4 between the Kress and Peck interlockers, whichwill increase operational flexibility. The interlocker improvements and additions will be constructed tomeet Positive Train Control requirements.Improvements along both segments will include, but not be limited to, trackwork, earthwork, sub-ballast,structures, signal infrastructure, interlocking upgrades, and all work necessary at highway gradecrossings. Bridge improvements will be needed over both the Des Plaines River and the Fox River toallow for the third mainline track. The project will also include platform relocations and improvements atboth the Maywood and Melrose Park stations, and platform, platform shelter, and parking improvementsat the Geneva station. Lastly, land acquisition may be required at various locations along the twosegments in areas where the right of way is not wide enough to accommodate the third main track withinthe track centers required by the Union Pacific.