Cicero Grade Crossing

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Project programmed before 2024; Not evaluated by these metrics.

Project Description

The Cicero Grade Crossing Enhancements project will be located at the Cicero Pink Line, at the intersection of Cicero Ave and 21st Place . Changes to this grade crossing are a priority for CTA and the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) due to several safety incidents at the grade crossing that have put CTA staff and passengers at potential risk. The enhancements to this crossing cover both civil and signal system upgrades. The roadway surfaces and continuous protective rubber boots at South Cicero Avenue have deteriorated over time. The proposed civil and trackwork scope of work calls for replacement of the roadways, sidewalks and continuous protective rubber boots. In addition, the signal system, roadway and pedestrian gate mechanisms at the grade crossing were installed over 16 years ago and since then; replaced three times. The signal system proposed scope of work replaces the gate cables and mechanisms that operate the gates, upgrades the batteries, cables and the signal lighting system to LED. CTA is applying for funds to support the design of this project, with the hope that the lessons learned from the enhancements to this grade crossing can be applied to similar grade crossings in CTA's system.The design phase of the project will explore options to enhance the safety of the grade crossing relative to the adjacent driveway and alley entrances. Both static concepts, such as flexible median indicators and signs, and dynamic considerations, such as LIDAR (light detection and ranging) or camera warnings and activated warning signs, will be reviewed for implementation.