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Project Management Oversight (PMO) Capital Projects

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The RTA is responsible for ensuring that the Service Boards are spending capital funds and managing their capital projects effectively and efficiently.  The RTA conducts periodic project reviews with Service Board project managers to ensure that capital projects are being implemented according to scope, on schedule, within budget and according to established project management guidelines.

Each project listed below is being actively monitored by RTA’s PMO team. Reporting data is provided that includes, Project Start Date, Project End Date, Budget Status, Schedule Status and Current Activities. These projects are also part of the overall Regional Capital Program which can be viewed separately here.

PMO also produces semi-annual reports that cover all projects that are being monitored. These reports can be found on the Project Management Oversight site.  The latest report is the June 2023 Project Management Oversight report


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Agency Project Title Asset Category Mode 2023 Funding 2023-2027 Funding Status
+ Metra Consolidated Control Facility (CCF) - Generator & UPS Electrical, Signal & Communications Rail $0 $0 On Schedule



This project funds construction services for the replacement of an existing diesel generator and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system. The new diesel generator will be powered by natural gas, thereby reducing operating costs and emissions. The system provides an important backup power supply.

Core Requirement(s)
Maintain and Improve Safety and Reliability